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A new period in creativity: LAUD presented its third album “Awakening”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun8,2024

A new period in creativity: LAUD presented its third album "Awakening"

LAUD/Press Service

Ukrainian artist LAUD presented his third album “Awakening” to listeners. This work is the artist's big comeback to the airwaves.

LAUD returns to the music scene with the powerful album “Awakening”, which reveals him as a versatile performer.

The artist reveals himself. stylistically, as a multi-genre performer and demonstrates rock ballad, disco funk, pop banger in collaboration with popular artist and blogger Masha Kondratenko. The title of the album emphasizes two levels of awakening: personal and global.

I wanted to return to the world of the music industry with something bright and big. “Awakening” is a continuous canvas, where there is a story that is told from the first track to the last. Fragments from an interview, a film, a poem, dialogues in songs – all this is my awareness, the disclosure of my inner potential, the answer to my own purpose and, globally, this album is my return to life as an artist with my own style, – says the artist.

The visual concept is space in which the artist acts as an astronaut. The album is full of non-standard solutions: a monologue at the end of the first song, quotes, sound design, dialogues.

The war in Ukraine became a catalyst of transformation for LAUD. He completely switched to the Ukrainian language, actively participated in charity projects, performed with SHUMEI and gave solo concerts, raising funds to help the army.

We all woke up to the explosions that day, but together with that opened our eyes as a nation. I woke up in my identity, in the understanding of who I want to be: a person, a musician, an artist. This is a very important word for all of us, LAUD admits.

On June 5, a tour of Ukrainian cities in support of the album “Awakening” begins. A large open presentation in Kyiv is planned for July 20 in collaboration with Gulliver Shopping Center.

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