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Biden aide admits deployment of additional strategic nuclear weapons

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun8,2024

Biden aide admits deployment of additional strategic nuclear weapons

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The United States of America in the coming years may come to the point where it will have to increase the deployment of strategic nuclear weapons to deter growing threats from adversaries.

This was stated on Friday, June 7, by Pranay Vaddi, a senior official at the White House National Security Council, Reuters reports.

Waddy said this while speaking at a meeting of the Arms Control Association, outlining a “more competitive approach” to arms control by the Biden administration.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, June 6, that he could place conventional missiles within striking distance of the United States and its European allies if they allow Ukraine to strike territory of Russia with Western long-range weapons.

However, on Friday, June 7, the Russian leader seemed to backtrack on his statements.

Waddy stressed that the United States will continue to comply with the international arms control and nonproliferation regimes designed to limit the spread of nuclear weapons.

However, according to him, Russia has refused to discuss a treaty that could replace the START-3 treaty 2010, which limits the deployment of strategic nuclear weapons but expires in 2026. China has refused to negotiate over its expanding nuclear arsenal.

"In the coming years, we may end up needing to increase the number of [nuclear weapons] deployed – Waddy said. – We must be fully prepared for this if the President makes such a decision.”.

“If that day comes, it will be the result of the understanding that additional nuclear weapons are required to deter our adversaries and protecting the American people and our allies and partners",– he added.

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