Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

A new term for the announcement of tablets has been named of Apple

Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman revealed new facts about the release of future “apple” tablets. brand According to his anonymous sources, Apple will present updated versions of the iPad Pro and iPad Air in early May.

The new tablet models will receive modern stuffing, and their screens will also change. Here are the devices insiders are waiting for:

  • iPad Air in two versions, including the new 12.9-inch size;
  • iPad Pro in two sizes with the Apple M3 chip and OLED screens .

Gourmand and other interested parties previously wrote that the new product will be launched in March. Then the deadline was moved to April. This time, Apple seems to have decided to delay it again. The exact reason is not specified. According to sources, Apple is “finishing the software for the new device”. The new tablet won't hit the market until these pre-launch events are completed.

Bloomberg's sources say that the iPad Pro model with an OLED screen requires “sophisticated new manufacturing technologies”, which may also have contributed to the delay. with the announcement and launch of the gadget.

At the beginning of March, Apple announced several new products and accessories. The 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air with the new M3 processor attracted a lot of attention. The world's most popular MacBook just got better with a new chip, faster Wi-Fi and support for up to two external displays. The brand also launched new iPhone cases and Apple Watch straps in new spring colors.

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