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A missile carrying North Korea's military satellite sank into the wind

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

The missile carrying the DPRK's military satellite hit the ground

Photo: Rocket launch

DPRK launched a new type of rocket with the military satellite “Manligen-1-1” on May 27th. The launch was not far away, the rocket sank into the wind. This was reported by the Korean Central News Agency.

The agency previously reported the launch of the Pivnichny Korea missile to the Yonhap Agency after sending a message to the Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of the Pivdenny Korea Armed Forces ї.

Behind the previous data , the reason for the rocket’s vibration is the unreliability of the “newly fragmented” engine. The Korean agency writes about the “rare kisen + naphtha” engine. Thank you for everything, with respect “gas + rare sourness” – a popular and inexpensive type of missile firing.

Japanese TV channel NHK published footage of the explosion of an unknown object on the border between the DPRK and China. Apparently, a Korean rocket has exploded.

Pivnichnaya Korea announced plans to launch a satellite on May 27th. Representatives of Japan, the United States and South Korea condemned the DPRK's intention to launch a missile. The Japanese MZS guessed about the resolution of the UN Security Council, which defends Pivnichny Korea from launching ballistic missiles with advanced technology.

Pivnichny Korea has already launched several ballistic missiles bsp;short range near the grass. The missiles landed near the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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