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A journalist from Lutsk will run a 37 km marathon to raise funds for drones

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May16,2024

A journalist from Lutsk will run a 37 km marathon to raise funds for drones

Elya Korotynska/facebook

A journalist and volunteer from Lutsk, Elya Korotynska, will walk a distance of 37 kilometers to raise funds for 37 drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The media journalist plans to collect UAH 555,555.

The journalist will start the marathon on May 21, when she will be 37 years old. She announced this on her Facebook page.

According to the woman, on Easter she went to her native Polissia to visit her parents. There she screamed in the forest, cried and rebooted. She understood that she had to pull herself together and move on, no matter how difficult it was. =”UK-UA”>Elya Korotynska said that she is tired of losing friends, relatives, acquaintances and just incredibly cool people with whom life brings her together. And that is why it is necessary to accumulate its own resources even more and move forward. Because it is much more difficult for them at the front than for her.

Exactly in a week, May 21, I turn 37 That's why I'm announcing not just a birthday fundraiser – I'm announcing a marathon to help our military! Walk the UNO marathon. At the age of 37, I will cover 37 kilometers for the sake of 37 FPV drones!, the post reads.

Elya Korotynska will cover 37 kilometers along the route: Lypynsky Estate of the village of Zaturtsi – Torchyn – Zaborol – Lutsk Castle of Lyubart. The marathon will start on May 21 at 05:00. It aims to collect 555,555 hryvnias to purchase 37 FPV drones for Volyn pilots.

The journalist noted that she will celebrate her birthday after the war, and now she is already physically preparing for the marathon and covers a greater distance each time.

You can already support the media outlet. Link to MonoBank:

Bank card number 5375 4112 1801 8260

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