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Historic decision in neurosurgery: American scientists created glue for the brain

Glue for the brain/Open source

Bioengineers have developed a new biomaterial to restore the dura mater. Paulson (SEAS) and neurosurgeons from different clinics have developed a new biomaterial for the recovery of the dura mater.

This solution can replace existing methods and has the potential to influence the practice of neurosurgery.

The dura mater, which lines the central nervous system, plays an important role in protecting the brain and spinal cord. Leakage of cerebrospinal fluid due to injuries or surgical procedures can create serious problems for patients.

Researchers have introduced a new biomaterial called “Dural Tough Adhesive” (DTA) that shows superior performance compared to existing sealants.

Tests on animal models in vivo and tissues of human origin ex vivo showed that DTA has high mechanical strength and resistance to increased intracranial pressure. Compared to the commercial sealant DuraSeal, DTA demonstrated a lower leakage rate and better adhesion to the dura mater.

This study opens new perspectives for neurosurgery by offering a more effective and safer solution for dura mater repair. The obtained results can contribute to the development of biomaterials and their application in various fields of medicine, including regenerative medicine.

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