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A film will be shot in London about a boy who was burned during a rocket attack

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr11,2024

A film will be shot in London about a boy who was burned during a rocket attack

The film “Romchik”/Yaroslav Oleksiv

The eponymous film “Romchik” will be shot about an 8-year-old Ukrainian boy who received 80% burns during a rocket attack on Vinnytsia on July 14. Radio Maximum talks about the details of the creation of the tape.

The boy's father, Yaroslav Oleksiv, told this incredible news on his Facebook page.

The film “Romchik” is a short film of the master's degree at the University of London. , and the author of the idea and producer is Kostyantyn Bidnenko.

In a world plagued by conflict, this short film is a testament to the indomitability of the human spirit. This is not only the story of one boy, it is also about millions of children whose lives will never be the same as because of the war, – wrote on the page “Romchyk.thefilm”.

According to the authors, dreams cannot be burned. This poignant drama is inspired by the true events of Roma, an 8-year-old Ukrainian boy. Roma's house, face and childhood were burned by the war, but his desire to become a ballroom dancer never disappeared.

We hope that thanks to this film we will be able to inspire and motivate many people to continue to fight and go to victory, both their personal and ours, because like the entire Ukrainian people, we stand on the side of truth, light and goodness, the post says.

Everyone can make a donation for the creation of this film using the link.

We remind you that Roman Oleksiv during the rocket attack in Vinnytsia, he received 80% of his body burns and lost his mother. Then the boy was able to get out of the bombed-out room on his own.

During the year of treatment in Germany, Roman underwent 31 operations and continues to undergo rehabilitation in Lviv. Later, the boy returned to dance classes, which he had been doing before the explosion.

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