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A convoy of farmers in front of Yves Montigny’s offices

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar16,2024

A convoy of farmers in front of the offices of Yves Montigny

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Agricultural producers from the North Shore came to demonstrate in front of the offices of René-Levesque MP, Yves Montigny.

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A convoy of agricultural producers in tractors went to the offices of the member for René-Lévesque in Baie-Comeau, Friday, to denounce their difficulty in reaching both ends.

At least twenty producers, some accompanied by their families, expressed their dissatisfaction with the CAQ MP, after the tabling of the budget provincial 2024.

We hoped to have additional aid to help us get our heads above water, especially on the North Shore where production costs are higher, lamented the president of the North Shore Blueberry Producers Association, Daniel Harvey, on the show Boréale 138. p>

Unfortunately, the government is not listening to us, he added.

Farmers insist that climate change and inflation are increasingly affecting their work.

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Also, international competition weighs heavily on farmers here, according to the president of the Union of Agricultural Producers of the Capitale-Nationale Côte-Nord, Yves Laurencelle.

Developed countries are tightening their belts and we are being asked to do more than others. We are fighting against Mexico, Brazil and the United States who do almost anything with the environment.

A quote from Yves Laurencelle, president of the UPA of the Capitale-Nationale-Côte -North

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Producers say they are worried about the current economic context, which they describe as unfavorable for the agricultural sector and particularly for the next generation. (File photo)

The president of the Association of Blueberry Producers of the North Shore, Daniel Harvey, judges that the measures proposed by the government in the budget are insufficient and do not meet the needs of agricultural producers on the North Shore who are struggling to make a profit their production.

[Producers] are up to their necks in debt, notes Mr. Harvey. We would need money to allow us to continue our operations. 2024 is going to be a difficult year for our farmers.

The government budget provides $107.7 million over 5 years, among other things, to support sustainable investments, as well as an investment fund for the acquisition of land for the next generation of farmers, worth $50 M$.

On this subject, Daniel Harvey responds that the government lacks concrete objectives.

After meeting MP Yves Montigny on Friday, the president of the Blueberry Producers Association maintains that farmers will raise their voice.

Our survival depends on it, he concludes.

Farmers say they are motivated by the protest movement of French and European farmers which marked news from the Old Continent in recent months.

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