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A 504-qubit quantum chip was created in China

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

In China, 504- qubit quantum chip

Wide practical applications of quantum computing are getting closer.

Scientists from China have developed a 504-qubit quantum computing chip that will be available to researchers around the world through a new cloud platform for quantum computing, Live science reports.

A new chip called "Xiaohong" is the largest to date, created by China, and is designed to improve the interaction of quantum bits (qubits) in quantum computers. Scientists hope that the chip will help expand the capabilities of quantum computers to solve more complex tasks.

Xiaohong was developed by scientists from the Center of Excellence for Quantum Information and Quantum Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Chinese quantum computing company QuantumCTek, which received the first Xiaohong chip, will now reportedly work with China Telecom Quantum Group to integrate the 504-qubit chip into a new quantum computer.

The system is planned to then will be available to researchers around the world through the cloud-based quantum computing platform developed by China Telecom Quantum Group.

Wang Zhen, deputy general manager of China Telecom Quantum Group, said the new system will “enable users in various industries to efficiently conduct research on problems and algorithms of practical importance, as well as accelerate the application of quantum computing in real scenarios.

Natasha Kumar

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