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36&nbsp ;Canadians evacuated from Haiti to the Dominican Republic

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People search for salvageable items at an auto mechanic workshop that was burned down during gang violence in Port-au-Prince on Monday.


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Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly's office says 36 Canadians were evacuated from Haiti by helicopter to the Dominican Republic on Tuesday.

Monday , Ms. Joly had indicated that the 18 people had already been evacuated, but Global Affairs Canada clarified that their departure was postponed due to bad weather.

After heavy rain and wind conditions subsided, they were flown to the Dominican Republic on Tuesday.

Ms. Joly announced Monday afternoon the evacuation plan for Canadian citizens from Haiti.

Canadian passport holders offered chance to safety as Haiti experiences food shortages and escalating violence from armed groups .

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ELSE ON INFO : An SOS launched by the container ship saved lives

Ms. Joly's spokesperson said the minister had been informed shortly before her press conference on Monday that the evacuations had taken place, but she later learned that they had been postponed.

Global Affairs said all 18 people have been safely housed overnight and it expects evacuations to continue .

Canada plans to fly small groups of Canadians by helicopter to the Dominican Republic for free, but they will then have to pay for their own accommodation and transportation to Canada.

The airlift is restricted to Canadians with valid passports, and Joly says she is asking Dominican authorities to allow the evacuation of family members of citizens as well as permanent residents of Canada. The Canadian Embassy in Port-au-Prince can offer emergency documents to individuals whose passport is missing or expired.

On Monday, officials said that about 3,000 people with a connection to Canada were voluntarily registered as remaining in Haiti, and that fewer than 300 of them had requested help to leave Haiti. country.

An even smaller number – fewer than 100 of them – are Canadian citizens with a valid passport. And only around thirty people indicated that they were ready to leave, explained a manager on Monday.

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