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10-year-old Ukrainian Yasna became the face of famous global brands

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

10-year-old Ukrainian Yasna became the face of famous global brands

10- year-old Ukrainian Yasna/Obozrevatel

Young Ukrainian Yasna became the face of famous world brands, including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and others. In a new material, Radio Maximum tells how she succeeded.

Yasna was born in Miami (USA), where she learned modeling skills, but now the girl lives in Ukraine. Yasna's mother, photographer Alina Rost, admitted that she did not expect such popularity of her daughter. The publication Obozrevatel writes about it.

Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Carter's, Next and Kenneth Cole are on the list of brands with which the little Ukrainian has already managed to work. But her modeling career began with Ralph Lauren.

Alin Rost recalled that when they told Ralph Lauren that Alina had been selected for filming and that she had to go to a fitting, she did not take it seriously.


I thought there must be some letter or call, so I ignored it. In the evening, the agent called me asking why we didn't come. We had to invent a reason – and the very next day we were at the fitting. That is, we did not even pass any castings. In fact, it was a very powerful start, because after this shooting, we started receiving offers from top companies, she said.

10-year-old Ukrainian Yasna became the face of famous global brands

10-year-old Ukrainian Yasna

Yasna's mother noted that she didn't always believe in her daughter's success. For example, for the Calvin Klein casting, you had to fly to New York at your own expense. Alina Rost did not believe that Yasna would be interested in the brand, since hundreds of children were fighting for the place.

But our agent was sure that they would choose Yasna! Because they look not only at beauty, but at the portfolio, behavior on camera and many other nuances that we don't even know about. We wandered around New York for two days, waiting for the results – and she was indeed chosen! “I still have a message from the Calvin Klein team about this incredible news,” the woman said.

When the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine began, the Kenneth Cole brand supported Ukrainians by publishing the phrase “We stand with Ukraine” on signs and shop windows. Yasna also filmed for this brand, so Alina's mother wrote to them a letter of gratitude for their support.

I decided to send them a letter of gratitude for their support and informed them that one of their models, a girl named Yasna, is Ukrainian. The company reacted instantly and offered to give us a gift – shoes for me and my daughters. A few days later we received the sneakers with the blue and yellow laces! It was very pleasant, – admitted Alina Rost.

With the beginning of a full-scale war with Russia, Alina Rost returned to the Motherland with her daughters in a village in Bukovina after 13 years of living in the USA.

10-year-old Ukrainian Yasna became the face of famous world brands

10-year-old Ukrainian Yasna

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