Zustrichі in Prazі: training mission of the EU, visits to the brothers and a forum of innovation

Zustrichі in Prazі: training mission of the EU, visits to the brothers and a forum of innovation

Zustrіchі in Prazі: training mission ЄС, vіzi razbratu i forum z vіdnovlennya

What did the ministers of defense and foreign affairs of the country of the EU say about the war between Ukraine and Russia? p>It all started on Mondays from the visit of FRN Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who didn’t have a direct connection to Ukraine, but at the meetings, briefings and at his anniversary “European promotion” at the glorious Charles University, talking about our country. Scholz having changed his soul at that station (it’s not easy for him to win), if he firmly declared Ukraine to be a supporter, including Viysk. Vin stating that Nimechchina is ready to take “patronage” over the creations in Ukraine of modern artillery and PPO. And also, after listing the various threats of the most current threats, the way the ZSU is taken away from Nimechchini, moreover, not a bar.

Zustrіchі in Prazі: training mission ЄС, vіzi razbratu i forum z vіdnovlennya

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What do you think from the source of the Minister of Defense of the FRN, Christine Lambrecht, how to constantly regret that the Bundeswehr was left “to zero” through those who donated ice not all of Ukraine, it is impossible. Vaughn, through an expanded meeting in the FRN of that day, did not arrive at the meeting of the defense departments of the EC near Prazi (a note of respect, that it was not the same at the meeting of the ministries near Copenhagen earlier this month), bringing the state secretary of the house to the Czech Republic. In the middle of announcing that she was raising for the press, there was a warning that the Germans and other European soldiers would not go to war in Ukraine, but they would learn the Ukrainian military.

Vlasne, I didn’t really score on such a thing. But the very topic of the training mission of the EU for the soldiers of the ZSU was not the most discussed during the informal session on 29-30 sickle. The European Union respects the organization of such a mission by the great support of the Ukrainian army.

Zustrichі in Prazі: training mission of ЄС, vіzi razbrаt and forum z vіdnovlennya

Josep Borrell

The Supreme Representative of the European Union for the Security Policy, Josep Borrell, has put on the cob what the ministers of the “green political light” should look at on the cob. But I’ll look at those who didn’t guess at the hour of the “Svetlofor” pre-conference, and it’s not so close to reaching consensus, although the very idea lulled even more so, back to the ear of the war.

The defense departments will continue to win parameters and legal aspects of such a mission, de facto, it can be organized, so that there will not be duplication of training missions, as if to carry out the work of the state.

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov, who reached the ranks of the participants in the video call, spoke about his situation.

Zustrichі in Prazі: training mission ЄС, vіzi brat and forum z vіdnovlennya


While the defense ministers were busy discussing the topic of the training mission, then the topic of visas for Russians became a stone of confusion for the hour of the meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs. the cordon, roztashovanny in bezmesrednoe blizkost, or good memory, what it means “hug the great brother”, put the chains on the order of the day.

“We are reconsidering that it is necessary to send a clear signal to the Russian splendour, as well as to continue the aggression against Ukraine, and to please the same route again about the visa regime from the Russian Federation,” said the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. “Everyone knows what is happening in Ukraine, what Russia is in Ukraine, and at the same time Russian tourists go to our European resorts, to see the SPA and take satisfaction. It’s not your fault!” – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Jan Lipavsky.

Zustrіchі in Prazі: training mission ЄС, vіzi razbratu i forum z vіdnovlennya

Jan Lipavsky

Diplomats from the Baltic countries, Poland, Finland, and Denmark also held the keys. And the Czech Republic, heading in the Radiation of the EU, did not see the vozi to the hulks of the Russian Federation from the 25th fierce.

Utіm, such positions are far from being reached by everyone in the EU. Moreover, among them are the most and most naive, zokrema, France and FRN. Їх argument: in such a rank, “male people” in Russia suffer, to instill the stink of showing their masculinity in the kitchen in the country of their homeland, and then demand to go somewhere to breathe in after freedom (this is literally how the unfortunate Berlin explained Annalena Burbock).

Zustrichі in Prazі: training mission of EU, contact me and the forum for updates

Annalena Burbock

As a result, the participants of the interview (as it was informal, and later, as before it was defensive, could not accept official decisions) came in handy to please the fate of Russia in 2007 about the forgiveness of the witness. And the borders of the country can make fences on the national level. The discussions, however, are far from over.

Zustrichi in Prazі : training mission of the EU, vіzi razbratu i forum z vіdnovlennya

In Ukraine, a rose-up is predicted. Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitro Kuleba, who, having changed at Praz, called it a half-hearted world, which is unlikely to teach some Russians. Having called out to the Europeans in Uresht resht, stop shukati “balance” and understand that with the aggressor country you can make only few approaches, as if you could be included in the 7th package of sanctions.

Zustrіchі in Prazі: training mission of the ЄС, vіzi razbrat i forum z vіdnovlennya


It is characteristic that the presence of the lavas of the ES country from, we call it, a special thought, is more important than it was appointed by its position. Nevipadkovo on the prespіdkhodakh of the participants of the conferences they lulled the phrase: there will be no turning back to Russia, the sanctions will be overwhelmed and will be overcome; help Ukraine, the docks will be necessary, help, so that Ukraine can overcome. Truthfully, there was almost no chance of optimism for the swedish completion of the war.

Then, as soon as possible, the battles were fired up on the richly suffering Ukrainian land in the European colony, they really discussed the plans for the military renewal and prospects of our state.


The forum started in the same Prague Congress Center immediately after the completion of the ministers, the deacons from them smoothly moved there. The voice of the speakers is hostile.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, from the rostrum, appeared via video link to the participants. .jpg” alt=”Zustrichі in Prazі: training mission of the EU, vіzi razbratu i forum z vіdnovlennya” />

, taking a part in the laboring obіdі on the fields of zustrіchi heads of the MZS of the kraїn ЄС at once from colleagues from Moldova and Georgia (as potential members of the European Union).

“It was important to clarify the position of Ukraine, to better understand and understand the position of the other countries and to dwell on the specific speeches, the next steps – both in terms of defence, and in terms of sanctions, so that it will not be difficult to bring to the result,” – summing up the results for Ukrainians. Before the speech, the author was the only representative of Ukrainian snakes in the forests near Prazі.

Zustrichі in Prazі: training mission of ЄС, vіzi razbratu i forum z vіdnovlennya

Dmitro Kuleba

At the break in the hall of the congress center, creaking Veletensky, at the height of all 5 on top of the glass walls, a unique view of the whole of Golden Prague was poured, “Oh, at the moon of the red viburnum” poured from our artist’s vikonan. I didn’t get involved, I started to drink. And here, before me, was a colleague, an unknown American journalist, who, as it was said, worked at Brussels. I stumbled with unrefined words about those that Ukraine will be the greatest power in future. After succumbing to my zdivuvannya, explaining: Chicago in 1871 burned down to the ground, but after such a quick start, it became one of the most spitting places in the United States, the first gloom appeared there.

After such encouraging words, the words were not spoken from the tribune, but effectively in the soul, it became lighter and calmer. Upevnіshe. If we believe the world in us, we cannot but believe in ourselves.

Olga Tanasijchuk, Prague.

Photo by the author, CTK, EU2022_CZ