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Zorro trailer: the series with Jean Dujardin offers its first trailer

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

Teased for the first time in 2022 at through a first image, theseriesZorro with Jean Dujardin finally shows itself more in depth ;tails àgrav; through a promising firsttrailer, full of humor and action.

Zorro trailer: the series with Jean Dujardin gets its first trailer< /p>

jean dujardin is the new zorro

Zorro is a famous pop culture character.Created in 1919 by American writer and screenwriter Johnston McCulley, this masked hero, dressed all in black but who is not Batman, fights with a sword and signs his appearances with a “Z” that has become emblematic. He has had the right to lots of novels, films, series, comics, and even video games. In 2024 alone, he will have the right to two series. The first, Spanish, features the actor from Elite, Miguel Bernardeau. For more information at his subject, see our dedicated article.

But it is the French series directed by Benjamin Charbit (Under Control, Les Sauvages) and Noé Debré (Le Dernier des Juifs) that interests us today. And for good reason, it was shown through a first teaser, revealing in passing a release date set for September 6.

Zorro trailer: the series with Jean Dujardin gets its first trailer< /p>

As expected, it is Jean Dujardin who will play the masked vigilante, in a context a little different from usual: here, Zorro has hung up his phone. for 20 years, and it is therefore completely rusty. that we are going to (re)discover it. However, don't believe thatthe 8-episode serieswill do in school. Zorro intends to become a hero again in the guise of the French actor, as his official poster, unveiled at the same time as the teaser, suggests. And as if that wasn't enough, Paramount also raised $100,000. the veil on the synopsis of his series.

Zorro trailer: the series with Jean Dujardin gets its first trailer< /p>

a first trailer full of humor

So it was this Tuesday, June 25, in the morning, that the first teaser for was released Zorrowith Jean Dujardin. The series will be available at starting September 6 on Disney+, before being broadcast on the channels of the France Télévisions group thereafter. In the meantime, the most impatient have a little minute to 'unpublished images to get your teeth into it. If the trailer begins with a rather serious tone, the series should largely focus on its humor, particularly based on a completely deranged Zorro. past. A first synopsis was also created. revealed.

In 1821, Don Diego de la Vega became mayor of his beloved city of Los Angeles, which he intended to make prosperous ;rer. However, the municipality is faced with financial problems due to greed of a local businessman, Don Emmanuel, against whom the powers of the mayor prove insufficient to combat injustice.

Diego did not call on his Zorro double for 20 years. But in the name of the general interest, he has no other choice but to bring out his mask and his sword. Very quickly, Diego will encounter difficulties in reconcile his dual identity; of Zorro and of mayor, which puts at risk his marriage to Gabriella, who is unaware of his secret, undergoes a harsh test. Will Diego be able to save his marriage and his health? mental in the middle of chaos?

If we know that the seriesZorrowill be released on Paramount+ on September 6, 2024 , we do not know when France Télévisions will broadcast it.On social networks, the first feedback from Internet users is shared,but we will have to wait to form a definitive opinion.

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