ЗМІ got the names of some dead occupants near Makіїvtsі

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ZMI saw the names of some dead occupiers near Makiivci

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Journalists named 92 occupiers who were liquidated in Makiivtsi. The relatives of 16 zagarbniks cannot know their loved ones, the Russian Air Force service remembers. Most of the dead and injured were mobilized from the Samara region. Andriy Vdovin, the commissar of the Samara region, Andriy Vdovin, an commissar of the Viysk region, having declared that the names of the Viysk people, who had spent the shelling near Makiivtsi, will not be published anyway,” – is found in the material.

в Макіївці росіян отримали повістки наприкінці вересня – невдовзі після оголошення так званої "часткової мобілізації", а потім близько двох місяців вони проходили підготовку у військових частинах Самарської області.

"Наказ про відправку мобілізованих до зони бойових дій near the middle of the chest, and up to Makiivka on the territory of the Donetsk region, the stench arrived on the 26th of the chest,” writes the Air Force.

ale pіznіshe named a significantly smaller number of dead – 63 Russian troops.

Later, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) announced that a blow to the place of deployment of Russian troops near Makivtsy was criticized at the address of the command in Russia.

270 occupiers were killed by the blow in Makіїvtsі. The Rozvydka said that the strike on vocational school No. 19 near Makіїvtsі was only part of the Ukrainian counteroffensive

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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