Zlata Ognevich will compete with Dmitry Komarov

Zlata Ognevich will compete with Dmitry Komarov

The star bachelorette found herself in a new field. Zlata plans to open up to fans from the other side very soon. Find out what to expect from the singer in

Zlata Ognevich will compete with Dmitry Komarov

Zlata Ognevich wants to try her hand at travel blogging/Photo: Collage: Today For a long time Zlata Ognevich was on a charity tour of Europe. A few days ago, the singer hastily returned to Ukraine and all because of the wedding. True, not her own, but her younger sister Julia. The artist was looking forward to this event.

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However, Zlata did not stay long at her sister's party. Even during the celebration, Ognevich suddenly ran away. As it turned out, the artist went to the Carpathians to rest and gain strength.

Mountain nature filled the heart of the star so much that she decided to try her hand at travel blogging. Is Zlata encroaching on competing in this area with Dmitry Komarov?!

I thought of starting another page (on Instagram, – Ed.), where I will devote everything to mountains and travel. I will also consider some equipment. When I create it, I will give a link,” Ognevich shared her plans.

Given Zlata this idea nature of Ukraine, which she saw in a couple of days.

I returned home. Physical fatigue only today began to be felt, strong strength, but I resumed mentally. I spent the night in the forest, in a tent and heard all these sounds, the conversation of nature. It’s a very cool feeling and what a beautiful country we have,” the singer said.

Zlata Ognevich will compete with Dmitry Komarov

The Carpathians inspired Zlata Ognevich. Photo: Instastories screenshot

The star went hiking in the Carpathians with a tourist club. Zlata Ognevich visited Lake Nesamovyte, and also climbed the highest point in Ukraine – Mount Hoverla. As the singer shared, this ascent was her dream.

Powerful and amazing place! 2061 m above sea level. I realized my old dream and I want to dedicate this ascent to special people – the heroes from AZOVSTAL. Our heroes are in captivity, strong, courageous, inflexible guys and girls are waiting to return home to their families. Every day I wait for news, every day I dream that a Miracle will happen! You know, the military often told me that many strange events take place in the war, when even rationalism prefers faith, the singer said.