Zlata Ognevich suffered again through war

Zlata Ognevich suffered again through war

Golden Fiery Znov suffered through war

direct air through those who have a moonlight siren at the capital.

For the first time the guest of “Snidanka z 1 + 1” was the Ukrainian partner Zlata Ognevich. The program has little to present its new song. Prote, I didn’t get away with it. Through a stunned alarm, we had a chance to go down to the shelter. Efir proceeded from the bomb shelter.

Talk to the TV presenter, though , away. Zlata spoke about her trips to concerts for Ukrainian military people. The celebrity made it clear that it is important for the fighters to take the lead. The stench of concerts stinks to understand what it is for whom to fight.

“We all became a single unit. I am running this fire in the eyes of our soldiers, and I am writing with them. We have such cool people and women. 50 thousand women serve at the ZSU, can you show yourself in awe? Girls, you are fantastic,” said the star.

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