ZigZag DEX to Airdrop Governance Token

ZigZag DEX to Airdrop Governance Token

ZigZag DEX will airdrop a governance token

Decentralized exchange ZigZag has announced an airdrop for early adopters. The requirements for the recipients of the coins will be determined by the participants of the token sale.

The sale of the crypto asset under the ticker ZZ will begin on June 24th. 2 million tokens out of a total supply of 100 million coins have been allocated for the token sale. USDC stablecoin will be accepted for payment.

Buyers of the new asset will become members of the ZigZag DAO. One of the first tasks of the decentralized autonomous organization will be to determine the terms of the airdrop.

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“One of The purpose of this airdrop is to recover sufficient funds to meet our obligations. Having enough capital to pay developers is another priority for the growth of the exchange.”

The technologies used in ZigZag use zero-knowledge proofs to scale and increase the privacy of transactions. The developers hope to eventually achieve a throughput of 250,000 transactions per second and, thus, “surpass the Nasdaq”.

Recall that in June, the developers of the Hop Protocol cross-chain bridge airdropped HOP governance tokens.

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