Zhaki die until 2050 through climate change

Zhaki die until 2050 through climate change

Jacks will die until 2050 through climate change

Illustrative photo from the courts


Small prickly savts zmushenі migrate not only through high temperatures, but also through the ruin of the middle of life. Particularly unsafe for zhakiv forest fires that vibrate landscapes and "smoke" their own houses. Dryness and windy heat, as they more and more often descend on the planet, can also be detrimental to the population of savtsiv — to know that in such minds everything becomes more folded, write on the site Cikavosti.

Even today, due to global warming, the life of the hedgehogs is changing, the stinks of the stench come early from sleep. The warm winter misinforms the creatures, and they know that spring has come, through which the slubny period begins richly earlier, lower is necessary. People in the countryside of the country do not experience cold weather in birch and winter. Pesticides, which are shoveled by people, make them zhakiv and make them more sympathetic to ailments, lowering immunity. All tse to put if the expansion of the view on the border of the vimiranya. The French zookeepers from the NGO Les P & lsquo;tits Kipiks said that with skin rock in the centers of wild creatures, more and more zhakiv appear. It’s very early that at such a pace the planet will wake up the remaining representative of the zhakiv family already in 2050.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga