Zero COVID in China: Apple workers rebelled against the harsh confinement policies imposed by the regime

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Foxconn guards beat employees as crowds of people tried to force their way through the barricades. They protested about salaries, food during confinement and the accumulation of garbage

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Workers of the main China's iPhone manufacturing plant, located in Zhengzhou (center), clashed with security personnel after nearly a month living under tough restrictions due to a resurgence of covid, according to images posted on various social networks.

The workers at the Foxconn plant, a Taiwanese company that supplies the US company Apple and one of the main manufacturers of the iPhone, left their residences during early morning pushing guards clad in PPE suits, according to the videos, posted on platforms such as Twitter, banned in China.

Some of the guards workers were beaten while crowds of people tried to force their way through the barricades and they protested about wages, food during the confinement or the accumulation of garbage.

In October, images of workers with their belongings jumping over the fences of the factory and going to their places of work origin on foot on the roads due to the partial paralysis of public transport in the city aroused the outrage of Chinese Internet users.

Shortly before the employee exodus, the company had denied rumors that 20,000 of the approximately 350,000 workers at the plant had been infected with covid.

After the departure of the workers, Foxconn announced a increase in daily wages to attract employees and bonuses to return those who had left.

The company, for its part, declined to comment on the incident.

The plant needs to hire about 10,000 workers to normalize the production chain, according to the local press.

So, the workers were told they had to remain in quarantine for a week in hotels, and only then and after obtaining negative results in several PCR tests they will be able to enter the facilities.

COVID zero in China: Apple workers rebelled against the harsh confinement policies imposed by the regime

A group of People cross a downed fence following a protest at Foxconn's plant in Zhengzhou, China in this screen grab obtained from a video released November 23, 2022. Video obtained by Reuters/via REUTERS THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. DO NOT RESOLVE. NO ARCHIVES

Since 2020, large factories in China such as Foxconn in Zhengzhou, have responded to outbreaks in nearby areas by establishing the “closed loop”, which isolates workers for long periods of time at the facilities to avoid contagion from outside< /b> and maintain production, which has sometimes caused protests due to poor sanitary conditions or a lack of food.

Restrictions and discontent have affected production, prompting Apple Inc. to say earlier this month that it expected a reduction in shipments of the premium models of the iPhone 14.

China remains clinging to the zero covid policy, which consists of isolating all those infected and their close contacts, strict border controls, mobility restrictions and massive PCR test campaigns wherever a case is detected .

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