Zendaya madly in love with Tom Holland: this proof of love that did not fail to attract the attention of fans

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Zendaya madly in love with Tom Holland: this proof of love that did not fail! to get fans’ attention

Tom Holland and Zendaya have become one of those iconic Hollywood couples. The two lovebirds have had happy days since meeting on the set of the Marvel Spider-Man franchise. The actor’s first mention of his accomplice? A response to the magazine GQ on November 17, 2021. The young man, then 25 years old, had deplored the relentlessness of the paparazzi. “One of the downsides of stardom, is that our privacy is no longer really in our control. A moment that you think is between two people who love each other very much is now a moment shared with the whole world,” he explained. Before adding: “I have always been very determined in my desire to preserve my privacy. Because I already share a lot of my life with the world anyway. We kind of felt robbed of our privacy..

The two actors thus continued to live their passion in privacy, revealing very few snapshots of their daily lives. On Instagram, on June 1, the 26-year-old actress had nevertheless published a magnificent declaration of love to the man she loves. She then shared a photo where she was in the arms of Tom Holland. “The happiest of birthdays for the one who makes me the happiest, she wrote. Recently, another detail displayed by Zendaya caught the attention of its community on social networks. The pretty brunette treated herself to a little manicure, but it wasn't her nails that caught the attention of fans. It’s the ring she wore that had the gift of panicking the Web.

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Zendaya shows her love for Tom Holland with this ring

On the gold ring worn on the index, Internet users could distinguish the initials of Tom Holland engraved. “She's really madly in love”, “Your relationship is so genuine. I love seeing you together and hearing you talk about each other. It’s refreshing that you both have your feet on the ground, commented the young woman's subscribers on Instagram. Tom Holland also likes to seize various opportunities to make known his pride and his love to the one who shares his life. The young man posted several pictures of his beauty on his Instagram account to congratulate her on her success. When the latter was honored with the Fashion Icon of the Year award at the CFDA Fashion Icon Awards, the actor posted a photo of her. In legend? “It’s an incredible achievement for the most incredible person. “Here’s a couple that’s set to last!