Zelensky: “We ask for the support of the Israeli government”

Zelensky: “We ask for the support of the Israeli government”

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 Zelensky: "We ask for the support of the Israeli government" < /p>

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the students and teachers of the Hebrew University.

In his speech, according to Ynet, Zelensky told about Russia's actions and drew attention to the fact that Ukraine needs Israel's support.

The President of Ukraine said the following about Russian troops: “They destroy our cities, burn everything in their path, in any situation. Russian artillery has no selectivity. Can you imagine the destruction of 2,000 educational institutions in Ukraine? What kind of person do you have to be to intentionally harm a kindergarten? There is no more Mariupol. Four months ago there were half a million people in the city. Now – only a few tens of thousands. All over Ukraine, people are being shot in the street, tortured, raped minors.”

Zelensky also stressed that Russia “has become a terrorist state.”

In addition, President Zelensky, on behalf of The people of Ukraine thanked the Israelis for their support.

“The Ukrainian people are grateful that the Ukrainian flag is flying on your streets, we have seen it and appreciate it very much. We are grateful to your great people, but we ask for support from your government. So far, we do not see Israel joining the sanctions. We are very grateful for the humanitarian aid and medicines. We feel that your society understands the situation, but why do we not have contact with some high-ranking Israeli officials? I don't know that,” Zelensky said.

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