Zelensky: “The future of Ukraine is in the EU”

Zelensky: “The future of Ukraine is in the EU”

Zelensky: "The Future of Ukraine— EU»

Manifestation in support of Ukraine's accession to the European Union. Brussels, June 23, 2022   Zelensky: «The future of Ukraine is in the EU»

The European Council decided to grant Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidates for joining the bloc

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed the decision to recognize his country as a candidate for EU accession, adopted on Thursday at the summit of the organization.

The Ukrainian president called this decision a “unique and historic moment” in Ukraine's relations with the European Union.

“Ukraine's future is in the EU,” he tweeted.

“Historic moment,” stated (also on Twitter) the head of the European Council, Charles Michel.

“Today marked a decisive step on your path to the EU,” he stressed, adding : “Our future is together.”

At the same time, Ukraine and Moldova, which also became an EU candidate on Thursday, may take more than a decade to qualify for membership.
< br /> The green light of the EU “is a signal to Moscow that Ukraine, as well as other countries of the former Council Union, cannot belong to the Russian sphere of influence,” Ukrainian Ambassador to the EU Vsevolod Chentsov told Reuters.

“Ukrainian soldiers from the front line are calling and asking: what is happening with our candidate status? It's amazing how important this is for the Ukrainian people,” Chentsov said.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this week that the EU should “reform its internal procedures” in order to prepare for the entry into the bloc of new members.

At the same time, he emphasized the need to agree on key issues on the principle of a qualified majority, but on the principle of unanimity.