Zelensky paid a visit to the Odessa region

Zelensky paid a visit to the Odessa region

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 Zelensky paid a visit to Odessa region

Garant Volodymyr Zelensky visited the Odessa region.

He inspected the strongholds of the National Guard in the Odessa region. "On behalf of all Ukrainians, he thanked the fighters for their impeccable service. They – a strong and indestructible wall protecting our country,” he said.

Zelensky inspected a residential building in Odessa, which was hit by an enemy rocket on April 23. Among the victims – eight people, including a three-month-old baby. "This is a terrible crime for which there is no justification. We will certainly restore this house so that all the residents return to their homes,” he said.

I visited the Odessa hospital. "Our doctors are also on the front lines. Every day they protect lives, help the wounded military and civilians. We are proud of each of you!” the message says.

“Those who work around the clock. For those who protect around the clock. Take care of yourself the same way you save the lives of other people!", he summed up.

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