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Zelda: the president of Sony shares this good news about the live-action Nintendo film

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May19,2024

Last year, Zelda fans had a nice surprise: Nintendo made it official. the start of a live-action adaptation. Behind the camera, we will find Wes Ball, whose plans for live-action are rather reassuring. As for the president of Sony Pictures, who will produce the film,he also wanted to be encouraging about the fidelity of the film. with the original material.

Zelda: Sony president shares this good news about Nintendo live-action film

an adaptation of Zelda faithful to the video games… But also original

The future live-action ofThe Legend of Zelda unleashes passions. Imagined here by a fan With the help of Midjourney,the film will be made by Wes Ball,whose latest project,Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom,is currently planned in dark rooms. À comfortable with science fiction,the one who also signed the saga of Labyrinth in the 2010s will be loaded with to adapt Link's adventures on the big screen. A filmmaker conscientiously chosen by Sonyto successfully transpose video games into our dark rooms. Our colleagues from Deadline spoke with the president of the studios, Tom Rothman, who mentioned how Wes Ball mastered the reboot of the Apesfranchise. According to him, his success will come mainly from his collaboration with Shigeru Miyamoto.

Zelda: Sony president shares this good news about Nintendo live-action film

Because the film is developed; and realized as part of as close a collaboration as possible with Shigeru Miyamoto. He's a true genius in this field, and it's really his strong vision that drives the film. He created it and understands it perfectly. Just look at the results of Super Mario Bros. the filmto realize it. What I'm saying is that I think a healthy slate has to be healthy. the future will not be on one side; either side of the demarcation line. It will be a balance between solid sequels and great intellectual properties. Let me tell you that when the last Spider-Verse movie >will be released with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, it will be an important event, just like Tom Holland's next Spider-Man film. And when all the plots of Karate Kid are brought together with Ralph Macchio, Jackie Chan and a new young karateian. For these fans, this will be an important moment. We already have some. The third and final Venom will be huge.

Zelda: the president of Sony shares this good news on the live-action Nintendo film

If this last remark on the last film with Tom Hardy may not convince fans, as the last opus of this trilogy is was mediocre, the president of Sony is nevertheless right about the need to understand the work that we are adapting.

And you, what do you think of his statement ?

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