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Yulia Yurina burned the Russian passport in the music video for the song “Black Cloud”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar21,2024

Yulia Yurina burned her Russian passport in the music video for the song

Yulia Yurina in the clip “Black Cloud” burned a Russian passport/Screenshot from the video

Musician Yulia Yurina, who has been living and performing in Ukraine for 12 years, took an impressive step in her new musical work “Black Cloud”. In the clip for the song, she burned her Russian passport.

In the clip “Black Cloud”, which closely echoes the story of the film “Stay Online”, Yurina used her talent to portray strong emotions and feelings related to the events that happened in Buchi during the Russian aggression. The song “Black Cloud” was a response to these events, where the musician expressed her rage and anger at the occupiers through the lines of the song.

In her comment on the creation of the track, Yurina shared that music became not for her only an expression of feelings, but also a way to survive the emotional stress of war. According to the singer, the lines of the song became the embodiment of her personal experiences and reaction to events in the country.

“At that time it was very emotionally difficult, we were all in an emotional hole, and the music saved us. And everyone who participated in the writing of this track, the sound designer, myself and the sound engineer, we each wrote music in our basement , the text of the song and engaged in its compilation. The lines “that you forgot here, the hero of your time” were written as an appeal to the Russian aggressors, and I embodied all my rage, all my anger and all my negative emotions in this song”, – Yulia Yurina told the story of the creation of the track.

Yuliia Yurina – Black cloud: see powerful video work

“This is the path of personal breaking and rebirth through the image of Katya, the key figure of the film “Stay Online”. War forces us to transform and adapt to a new life. To change our views and beliefs. To turn pain into responsibility. This is what Yulia shows us in the clip,” – added the director of the video.

Let's pay attention to the fact that Yulia Yurina has been trying to get Ukrainian citizenship for many years. However, unfortunately, all her efforts have not brought any results. p>

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