Yuga Labs filed a lawsuit against the creator of “fake” BAYC tokens

Yuga Labs filed a lawsuit against the creator of “fake” BAYC tokens

Yuga Labs sues creator of

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Yuga Labs expects to reach a decision that would prohibit Ripps and his partners from “further interfering in its prospective economic relations.” The company is also seeking damages and legal costs. 

In January 2022, Ripps published an article in which he called the BAYC collection “racist” and accused its creators of using Nazi symbols. For example, he noted that the logo of the line is similar to the “Dead Head”. 

In June, YouTuber Philion shared a similar opinion. According to him, Yuga Labs NFTs contain racist cartoons of blacks and Asians, and the symbolism and language of the collection “similar to what the Nazis used.”

June 24, the founders of Yuga Labs responded to the accusations of Ripps and Philion. In a released statement, the team called the claims “far-fetched.” 

“We have been the target of a frenetic disinformation campaign accusing us as a group of Jewish, Turkish, Pakistani and Cuban friends – that we are super-secret Nazis. […] Trolls continue to spread ridiculous conspiracy theories online and use it to sell fake NFTs,” the developers wrote. 

Recall that earlier Eminem and Snoop Dogg released a clip collaborations with the BAYC collection. In the From The D 2 The LBC video, the performers appeared as animated monkeys.

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