Yuccs footwear: the 'locavore' charm, at your feet

Yuccs footwear: the 'locavore' charm, at your feet

The shoe brand that Felipe VI wore this summer on a walk is barely a year old, but it already has a turnover of one million euros. And it continues to grow … in triple digits!

Yuccs footwear: the 'locavore' charm, at your feet

Something special has the Yuccs footwear so that a long waiting list has been formed. They say that Felipe VI himself had to wait a month before receiving his own and wearing them this summer. Pablo Mas knew the sector well (he had worked for Camper for several years) when he decided to embark on an adventure with clear differentiating elements: natural innovation, commitment to local suppliers and comfort. Now the signature goes like a shot, but recognizes that the start was not

easy. “I had to fight against the world, I encountered all kinds of barriers and obstacles, the suppliers I told my idea to did not take me seriously. It was not easy to convince investors … The process was complicated.” The story begins in 2017. “It was clear to me that I wanted a natural product, made with my own innovative materials, and I reached an agreement with AITEX [a textile technological institute located in the Alicante town of Alcoy, an area with a long shoemaking tradition] to to help me develop. ” In the Yuccs models we can find merino wool fabric, sugarcane soles, insoles extracted from castor oil … “We are concerned about sustainability, not being pollutants in the production of our products or with the waste that is generated It is the opposite of what happens with rubber, a common material in conventional shoes, but which pollutes a lot. ” In 2018 it had a first model that met the requirements that had been imposed. ” All suppliers are Spanish manufacturers and we take great care of quality standards. We make shoes with great thought in both its design and its materials. And they must be comfortable, very comfortable.”


The market launch took place in 2019. In March of that year

closed a financing round of 300,000 euros

that allowed him to start walking. “That first year we already reached one million euros in turnover,” he says, thanks to a

100% electronic marketing and efficient distribution

. “All shipments or size changes are made in 48 hours and are free.” That logistics is outsourced, but it's also part of the Yuccs value proposition, and it should work like clockwork. “We are not logistics experts. We work with

a company that performs warehousing and shipping

. The understanding is total, they give us an exceptional service and for that part we are very calm. “When the pandemic broke out,

“We live in moments of uncertainty. In March we did not know to what extent consumption was going to stop,

so we started a contingency plan with the suppliers, to produce at a slower pace until we saw what would happen. “At the same time, they took advantage of the opportunity offered to a firm that operated 100% online.” We understood that, from From a positioning standpoint, we had a marketing opportunity, and

we continue to activate the brand. “

As I suspected,

e-commerce was quickly reactivated and Yuccs knew how to take advantage of it

. A few months have passed and he maintains his forecasts for 2020. -We are having triple-digit growth, he says. “There will be two,” I correct him. “No, no, three,” he insists. -Do they grow more than 100%? -Yes.


Yuccs has hooked a very wide audience.

“The highest age profile, between 45 and 65, knows well a material like the merino wool from which our models are made and highly values the comfort and local commitment we have. And the younger ones know less about the materials. , but they give great importance to the values that the brand transmits, they are very aware of environmental issues. ” For Mas, the important thing is that both have developed a special bond with the brand. “There are real fans, people who have gotten married wearing Yuccs.” The close contact established through social networks also contributes to this relationship. “We receive a lot of comments and evaluations, and

we take everything into account

“. The immediate future passes through

“keep growing”, although the rate will probably decline

, because “now it is very high. We are going to remain in the field of footwear and accessories, but launching two innovative products every year.”

Market positioning, one of the keys to success, is non-negotiable

: “A 100% online proposal, ethical fashion, sustainability …” In this growth process

Vendor agreements come into play.

“We have a lot of exclusivity and we also study a lot the capacity of each one of them, which is fundamental when considering a greater production.” Regarding the geographical scope, “first we have to consolidate our position in Spain and become strong. From the fourth year, we will make the leap to Europe”, but marking the steps well: Pablo Mas is clear that we must do things well and that “there is no rush, there is a lot of market.”

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