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YouTube: the return of Squeezie tainted by this controversy

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

Many Squeezie fans were there at the time. wait for its return to YouTube. It's now a done deal since this Saturday, May 18, the YouTuber made his comeback on the Google platform to the great pleasure of Internet users. However,despite the enthusiasm of some, this return was a success. tainted by a controversy.

YouTube: the return of Squeezie marred by this controversy

Squeezie's comeback after a 4-month break

Indeed, on January 22, Squeezie, whose real name is Lucas Hauchard, announced in a video that he had decided to move forward. to take a big break. His fans had accused him of the blow of this announcement but the good news for them is that the YouTuber will not have rested yet. only for four months. The French videographer teased his return to his channel last week. Good news that had excited everyone. Internet users.

YouTube: the return of Squeezie marred by this controversy

This return therefore took place this Saturday, May 18 on YouTube with an hour-long video around his concept “What's behind the door?” in which he invited the comedian duo Eric and Ramzy for the occasion as well as colleague Mister V. In the introduction, Squeezie announces “Gentlemen and ladies, it's officially my return to YouTube“. Unsurprisingly, the video is a hit. The YouTuber who has nearly 19 million subscribers has already generated, as we write this article, almost 7 million views since it was put online.

YouTube: the return of Squeezie marred by this controversy

Squeezie accused of racism with his latest video

If the 28-year-old French content creator has succeeded in rise to the Top Trend of YouTube and that he records many positive comments on his new video, it seems that the YouTuber has not been unanimously accepted. among Internet users. Indeed, his return to YouTube was a success. tainted by a controversy due to a short extract in which the young man is qualified of “stupid and racist“. 

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May 18, 2024

If Squeezie is accusedé to perpetuate “racist humor it is quite simply because it had to reinterpret a scene from the film by Eric and Ramzy, La Tour Montparnasse Infernale by performing an imitation of the Chinese accent in front of an Asian audience. Although Squeezie is attacked by some Internet users Because of this extract which is circulating on a racist scene, otherwise it was crazy“. For his part, Eric Judor took advantage of the of the video to apologize for having “made a career on the accent” with his sidekick Ramzy.

Finally, after accusations of racism, Squeezie is also criticized on the fact that his video does not feature women. The streamer Nat'ali had highlighted this feminine absence on X when the teaser was released.

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