American video hosting YouTube summed up the results of the current year. Its representatives presented a list of the most popular videos of this year.

YouTube named the TOP 10 videos 2002

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First place is a video about a 23-year-old Technoblade blogger. The young man failed to recover from cancer, his relatives published a video on YouTube, where the unfortunate father read his appeal to fans before his own death. The recording was watched by 87 million people.

Next comes the episode when famous actor Will Smith punched Chris Rock at the Oscars (103 million). The TOP-3 closes the video where the Minecraft blogger showed his face for the first time (47 million). The next clip is the performance of Eminem, Mary Blige, Snoop Dogg and other artists during the Super Bowl duel (143 million views). #5 is MrBeast, which recreates Willy Wonka's fairy tale chocolate factory (127 million).

The Marc Robert prank involving cockroaches in a scammer's office is next in the ranking of the most popular videos on YouTube (55 million), coming out from the author of the Jaiden Animation channel (17 million), the horror The Backrooms (42 million), the YouTube channel The Try Guys explaining the reasons for breaking up with their colleague (11 million) and an interview with Millie Brown (23 million).

YouTube has been operating since February 2005 and is owned by the American technology corporation Google. The site is intended for viewing, downloading, storing and commenting on videos. The site is the second largest in the world in terms of the number of visitors. The developers of the popular project are ex-PayPal service employees Jawed Karim, Chad Hurdley and Steve Chen.



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