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YouTube: McFly, Carlito and Pierre Niney give news from Feuilleman

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

We could have thought of the project in a similar way; abandonment, but nay! In their latest video on YouTube with Pierre Niney, McFly and Carlito give news of the film Feuilleman. And the video, in its entirety, is worth its weight in peanuts!

YouTube: McFly, Carlito and Pierre Niney give news from Feuilleman

a new video with pierre niney for mcfly and carlito

If they annoy some Internet users, McFly and Carlito also have a very large fanbase on social networks and especially on YouTube, where their main channel has 7.3 million subscribers. Since its long break, the duo formed; by David Coscas and Raphaël Carlier has completely changed his way of working and his style of video. And for the first time since the implementation of this new formula, he found Pierre Niney for a hilarious video.  

At the start of the video, we learn that the trio had a meeting a few minutes earlier to talk about FeuillemanAs a reminder, this unusual film project should be about a superhero who “is the weight of a leaf, and [who] throws himself from the top of buildings, accompanied by Glass Woman, a glass woman, a son who is a painting and a grandmother who is a lock of door”. In any case, this is how the project had been implemented. presented with humor during a telephone “prank” in 2021. But since the broadcast of this video entitledWe call people at random with Pierre Niney and we promise we haven't smoked anything. beforewe learned that this feature film would really see the light of day, exclusively in on Prime Video. So where? Is this a completely crazy project?

They did it.

FEUILLEMAN, the film being prepared by @pierreniney, @levraimcfly and @Raphael_Carlier is in development. #PVPFrance2023

June 19, 2023

feuillemanis clarified in a hilarious YouTube video

This Wednesday, July 3, McFly and Carlito published a new YouTube video,Do you realize the pirates?. An unusual title, taken directly from from a remark from McFly at the end of the video, while Pierre Niney, his partner and he are completely drunk. But it is at the beginning of the video ;o that David Coscas evokes the case ofFeuilleman, “who advances”. Carlito wishing to give “more details”, he adds that they“think they've found the director [of the film]”.Unfortunately, we won't learn more about this, as McFly and Carlito then focus on promoting The Count of Monte Cristo, the poster of which is currently Pierre Niney in the cinema.

The new information given about Feuilleman is certainly meager, but it is reassuring to know that the project has not been aborted, and that it is progressing rather well. Obviously, we invite you to watch the entire of the video, in which Pierre Niney and the YouTube duo wander around Paris, chat with patients, and end up downing absinthe shots late into the night.

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