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YouTube is starting to test a new way for viewers to support their favorite creators

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

YouTube begins testing a new way for viewers to support their favorite authors

On YouTube come up with a new format for supporting authors/rawpixel

It's not often that streaming services like YouTube and Twitch release new tools specifically designed to help small creators gain new followers.

A new feature that YouTube launched this week is a new way for users to support their favorite creators. This is what PhoneArena has to say.

Unlike many similar features YouTube has released in the past, this feature is only for smaller creators. In addition to features like Like and Share, YouTube viewers will now have another feature at their disposal: Hype.

According to YouTube, the more viewers a video promotes, the more likely it is to appear in the rankings with other promoted videos. The streaming service says that the rating will appear in the Explore section, so it won't be in the Trending section.

Apparently, the new “hype” feature not used as an indicator for the YouTube search engine. More importantly, it was launched as an experiment, so not everyone will have access to it.

Only lucky people in Brazil, Turkey, and Taiwan can take advantage of the Hype feature and use it on videos posted in the last seven days. It's also worth noting that the right to participate in the experiments is limited to a subset of YouTube Partner Program content creators who have less than 500,000 subscribers.

Obviously, the videos created must meet the guidelines of the YouTube community , otherwise their “promotion” will have no impact on the ranking. The new feature will be tested over the coming weeks and may change based on feedback from YouTube viewers.

Natasha Kumar

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