YouTube has this new startup sound just like Netflix does

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Google Video Platform added an animation that will play every time the app is opened

YouTube has this new startup sound just like Netflix does

YouTube has created a launch sound similar to what is used in other apps like Netflix with the “tudum”.

YouTube has created a new launch sound that will allow users to users recognize content on the Google video platform just as they do on other apps like Netflix with the “tudum”, which characterizes and even names its annual launch event.

In the coming days YouTube It will present changes progressively in all its versions such as the website, application for smartphones, tablets and Smart TV, among others, to implement this sound when browsing from any device. At the moment, the Google application blog indicates that this feature can already be seen on people's Smart TVs.

This novelty is not the only one featuring YouTube, since the sound is accompanied by a new animation that will also be shown every time the application is opened.

YouTube has a startup sound just like Netflix that will be played every time it is opened the application on mobile devices and smart tv

How YouTube's new sound was created

According to the official blog post of YouTube, the sound that is incorporated as part of the platform's identity has four characteristics that the application team considers important:

Human, conveying the emotion, texture, and organic imperfection of humanity.

Connected because it includes musical gestures such as melody, harmony and modulation that reflect the idea of ​​connecting interests, people and cultures.

Expressive by possessing dynamic textures and brilliant melodies , ranging from small to large, close to far, and intimate to bold.

– and finally it is driven by the story since YouTube considers that “it gives the feeling of a narrative arc, with a clear beginning and end”.

The YouTube release emphasizes that this new element within the platform, which only lasts 3 seconds, has four recognizable parts: A deep tone and low, rising sounds in the form of a glissado, a melodic signature and a tactile movement at the end.

YouTube has this new startup sound just like Netflix does

YouTube's new sound and animation only lasts 3 seconds and plays every time the app is opened. EFE/Sascha Steinbach

In the case of animation, this has recognizable elements within the platform such as the simplified YouTube icon, the application name and the playbar are also part of the new identity symbol that the platform wants to generate.

More updates on YouTube

In recent weeks, a series of changes have been announced within the video platform of Google >and that are oriented to the user experience. First of all, the option to zoom was added.on the screen during video playback on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

New tabs have also been added to the channels of content creators to separate videos by length. Currently you can see the sections dedicated only to YouTube Shorts , live broadcasts and regular videos.

YouTube has this new startup sound just like Netflix does

YouTube has initiated changes to its platform for both regular videos and Shorts content. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Furthermore, to benefit users' navigation while playing a video, users may slide up the play bar of a video to be able to display a detailed view of the frames of the content so that users can search and locate at exactly the second they want.

YouTube Shorts has also begun rolling out new features such as monetization for vertically formatted videos, the addition of e-commerce related elements, and the most recent enablement of copyrighted music. author for a maximum of 60 seconds for short videos.

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