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YouTube: facing the RN, Mister V shares his opinion on Instagram

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun12,2024

This Sunday, June 9, the National Rally held by Jordan Bardella for the European elections has arrived at the top of the votes. After a presidential address, Emmanuel Macron decided to to dissolve the National Assembly. A decision which will require the French to return to the polls for the anticipated legislative elections on June 30 and July 7 next. Face to face With the rise of the far right in France, there are many personalities to support it. rise to the occasion to campaign against Marine Le Pen’s party. Today, it is the famous videographer Mister V who has just taken a position on the issue.

YouTube: facing the RN, Mister V shares his opinion on Instagram

Influencers and personalities campaign against the RN

After the announcement of the results of the European elections this Sunday, June 9, President Emmanuel Macron provoked the dissolution of the National Assembly. A decision as rare as it is historic in the face of the rise of the National Rally. The head of state therefore requires the French to return to the polls to elect new deputies in the Chamber. While the RN has never been so close to power, many personalities are campaigning so that the choice of the French in the voting booth does not turn towards the extreme right. Among these personalities, influencers such as Lena Situations who has a strong community of 4.6 million subscribers on Instagram and who shared in her story a message of mobilization to young people so that they can vote in the next elections. Let us also mention Ponce and Sally who reacted to the results of the 2024 Europeans.

Today, Mister V who recently launched a burger in collaboration with KFC, decided to to share their opinions on their social networks. Followed by 6.3 million subscribers on YouTube, the videographer decided to take action. take advantage of its notoriety to take a position regarding the RN. And the least we can say is that he is clear about his choice.

YouTube: face at the RN, Mister V shares his opinion on Instagram

Mister V shares his opinion without tongue in cheek

Indeed, it was on Instagram that Mister V spoke by sharing in his story, the publication of a journalist who sets out Emmanuel Macron's reasons for having dissolved the National Assembly. This same publication also presents the policy that the RN could pursue if the far-right party came to power.

Mister V added: &àgrave; this story a comment toinvite everyone to go vote and specifying in red: “And of course, not for shitty faps (“fafs” being a colloquial term for fascists).

YouTube: facing the RN, Mister V shares his opinion on Instagram

A radical stance against the National Rally which is not necessarily to the taste of all fans of Mister VThe latter has received a number of messages from his subscribers who tell him that he is no longer following this message. he who had already declared in an interview that some of his fans were racist.

And you, do you think that this is the role of influencers? militate and take sides against a political party?

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