YouTube began to struggle with the propaganda lies about the coronavirus

The hosting would struggle with any of the statements of bloggers that coronavirus supposedly does not exist

Evgeniy Opanasenko

YouTube начал борьбу с пропагандой лжи о коронавирусе

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In connection with the misinformation about the pandemic COVID-YouTube 19 launched a massive operation to combat fakes on its site. Recently YouTube has introduced new rules which forbid to post videos that promote lies about the existence of coronavirus.

“The website can not be any content about COVID-19, capable of inflicting serious harm to the health of your untrue information. Broadcasts will block any materials that communicate false information about coronavirus infection, contrary to the official sources world health organization and local health authorities,” said Google in his blog.

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Thus, the ban affects a variety of ways self-treatment, including traditional medicine, homeopathy and even “prayers and rituals” that supposedly cure from a dangerous disease. It is also forbidden to advertise “miracle” drugs, supposedly to cure COVID-19. Most importantly, YouTube will fight any claims that coronavirus does not exist.

Furthermore, the myths regarding the spread of coronavirus also be removed from the site. In particular, statements about the impact of towers 5G to the pandemic, transmission of the virus through Asian food and lack COVID-19 in tropical countries will be blocked. The forbidden list also get the video claims that “social distancing and self-isolation are not effective measures to curb the spread of the virus”.

Lock will occur in three stages. The first two videos of the channel are deleted with a warning. And the third time will be completely blocked channel.

Earlier, experts told the truth about the implantation of chips in the human body. At the same time, bill gates predicts the return of a pandemic coronavirus.

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