“You're so has-been”: EnjoyPhoenix nastily compared to Léna Situations, she confides

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It was in 2011 that Marie Lopez, her real name, decided to launch herself on YouTube. The young woman was then only 16 years old at the time. She started by making videos to denounce the school harassment of which she was the victim, then later, she unveiled fashion and beauty content. EnjoyPhoenix has since become one of the most famous French Youtubers. On Instagram, she has more than six million subscribers in addition to the 3.67 million she has on YouTube.

In recent years, other French women have managed to become stars thanks to the networks social. We think in particular of Léna Situations, Sananas or even Maya. These young women have become very popular in a short time. Some of them have managed to steal the spotlight from influencerss already famous. Léna Situations notably made the buzz by posting a selfie with Rihanna or even by parading at the Met Gala. EnjoyPhoenix has often been compared to the latter in a negative way by Internet users. The influencer explains how she experienced it.

EnjoyPhoenix in competition with Léna Situations?

The 28-year-old young woman recently participated in Alix Grousset's show, Le Click from Alix. In her interview, she notably explained how she reacted to the many comparisons faced with young influencers. EnjoyPhoenix said: “I think I would have lived it better if it hadn't been put in my face. It's very difficult, because I’have always accepted the fact that there are new people arriving on the platform. Because it's fun as content to watch, when people shake up what you do it's nice because it challenges you. Sometimes I found it a bit boring because you don't understand, you say to yourself 'who is she?' How come she gets so many views? “. The pretty brunette then continued:“‘You're so has-been now, look at this or that youtuber frankly…' I had it with Léna, with Marine. I was always comparedwith girls younger than me who were the new wave of influencers. And it's difficult, because it's the people who create the competition for you.” This period has therefore been complicated for EnjoyPhoenix. However, she has always been able to count on the support of her fans.