“You’re beautiful mommy”: the family of Irina Bilyk happened to the mountain

From the mother of the singer Anna Bilyk

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

"Прощай, любимая мамочка": в семье Ирины Билык случилось горе

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After half a year after the death of his father, the famous Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk lost her mother. On the death of Anna Bilyk 50-year-old actress announced on their official pages in social networks. May 10, a woman turned 72 years old. In honor of the star then wrote: “I Love and appreciate their mothers.”

The reasons for and details of the death of Iryna Bilyk not reported yet. The actress admitted that her entire life haunted mystery, but recently she got the idea to write a song about her mother.

"Прощай, любимая мамочка": в семье Ирины Билык случилось горе

“Mystery haunted me all my life! Was just going to write a beautiful song about her mother, and the whole morning I thought about how it would be beautiful and as my mother will be pleased to hear it, but life has disposed differently. My mother will hear this song in heaven. Farewell, dearest mother,” wrote Iryna Bilyk.

More details about the death of the father of Iryna Bilyk video:

We will remind that on 16 October 2019 has left the life of her father – Nikolay Semenovich. The man died in his birthday. Iryna Bilyk then published video footage of the parents.

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