Your car can do it: 3 interesting features that owners do not know about

Your car can do it: 3 interesting features that owners do not know about

It seems to you that this is impossible, but there are some functions in the car by default – no one just told you about it.

Your car can do it: 3 cool features that owners don't know about

Experts decided to eliminate this injustice. In particular, they talked about the nuances of opening doors and trunks on many cars.

A key with a secret

Keyless entry is a convenient thing, but what if the battery in the key card is dead? And this happens on a regular basis. You need a regular metal key. And even if it is not thrown out of the key fob by pressing the button, it is still there – it is hidden in the depths of the key card!

You just need to open the case, get a regular key and … Where to insert it?

If the battery is dead

There is also a lock cylinder in the driver's door on your car – it can just be hidden by a plug that is easy to pry and remove. And the battery in the card is most often a regular CR2032, which you can find in the nearest store.

Automatic trunk locking

And if there is no keyless entry and automatic closing of the trunk, it is open, and heavy bags are in your hands? And in this case, you can make your life easier.

Lock the doors in advance, leaving only the trunk open. Then load the bags and close the trunk. That's it, your car is already locked, no additional manipulations with the key are required!

We will make a reservation that this does not work on all cars – check it on yours.