Young man exiled in Germany found dead after death threats

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The body of Alan Garzón Ramírez was found on October 11 by some mushroom pickers near Hannover. The family awaits the remains

 A young man exiled in Germany is found dead due to death threats

The young man had been in exile in Germany since the end of 2019, where he was given political asylum due to threats against him. Photo: Telemedellín screenshot.

Alan Garzón Ramírez died in Germany. The Hannover police had reported the discovery of his body, as reported on October 14 by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a short statement.

Garzón Ramírez was 21 years old and had been in self-exile in Germany since the end of 2019, after receiving multiple threats for participating in a march in January of that same year in Medellín, Antioquia.

The threats had begun to reach him after a video went viral in which a citizen, during the marches on January 20, 2019 in rejection of the ELN attack on the General Santander Police School in Bogotá, rebuked and threatened Alan Garzón for a T-shirt he was wearing that day that said “No to Duque-Uribe's war”.

In the video, a citizen yells at him to Alan “Look how crap you're wearing! Look at Columbia! Look how the police hurt us! Filth! You're crap, youth!”, to which the young man, then 17 years old, replied by asking him “friend, don't social leaders hurt you?”

The man, who was upset and kept shouting and waving his hands, answers and threatens him, telling him to take off his shirt or “we'll peel you off”, he says.

“Yes! They hurt us! They hurt us! They hurt us! Away with that T-shirt! We are going to undress all the infiltrators in the marches, we are going to undress them! And we have the help of our President Duque. So you know: you take off that shirt or we'll peel you. Yes! Yes! Yes!

After the video went viral, the threats did not stop reaching his home in the Buenos Aires neighborhood, according to what a person close to the young man told El Colombiano.

Alan “was left anonymous messages, and they even left a threatening note outside the house”, so when he turned 18, alone and thanks to the help of a friend who lent him money to buy the tickets, he was able to travel to Europe to apply for political asylum in Germany. All on their own, the Colombian authorities did not help them”, according to the young man's family.

Once he obtained political asylum and was able to organize himself in Vinnhorst, a neighborhood of Hannover, in the state of Lower Saxony, he began working in a restaurant while studying to become a chef, although according to a relative told Blu Radio, Alán “worked a year with an architect, he learned German and English in a year, it was incredible how intelligent he was”.

On November 5, Alan would have completed three years of asylum in Germany, three years in which loneliness and distance, sometimes with their weight, overwhelmed him.

“He sometimes called as bored, especially when winter was about to enter there. That gave him depression. But here we encouraged him by telling him to wait for a cousin to come to be with him,” a relative of the young man told El Colombiano.

One of his cousins, in dialogue with Noticias Telemedellín, recalled: “He had told me that he was very bored, that he wanted to return to Colombia, to be with his family; see us one more time and stay with us, because he wasn't feeling well… but he didn't clarify anything to me, I don't know what happened. He couldn't tell me exactly what he had.”

At the end of September, on the 23rd, Alan's relatives received what would ultimately be the second worst news possible. Alan had disappeared. The news was given to him by a friend of the young man, according to a relative told El Colombiano, who told them that she had not heard from him for eight days. The relative of the young man who spoke with Telemedellín warned that, according to what they had told her, when his cousin disappeared, he was drunk.

What they told Garzón's cousin was, according to what she was quoted on Telemedellín, “that Alan had gotten drunk, that he couldn't even walk; that he had given him water in the bathroom and that he took him to the car. That he went back for a jacket and when he came back five minutes later, Alan vanished, got out of the car and drove off.”

Version that agrees with the one published by the German medium T-online “after a party (there is also talk of a game), some friends accompanied him to his car on the way home. However, he left and walked away in an unknown direction”, according to what they were quoted in the Antioquia newspaper.

According to the statements collected by El Colombiano, “a friend of Alan's was the one who told us that he hadn't been heard from for eight days. That's why we contacted the consulate so they could give us information and days later they told us they had found him.”

Alan's body was found on October 11 by some mushroom pickers who saw a corpse in the Mecklenheider forest, in the Nordhafen district, however, according to what they say, the death would have occurred on October 25. September, two days after his disappearance.

“After an autopsy and a DNA analysis in legal medicine, it is clear that he is dealing with the 21-year-old young man of nationality Colombian woman Alan Andrés G.R.”, indicated Bild.

Weeks later, on October 14, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the consulate gave Alan's family the worst possible news: they had found the young man's body, but they warned that the Hannover Police had decided to close the investigation, well, no they found “external factors that could have contributed to the death of the young Colombian”.

Here the situation becomes more difficult, since the family does not believe that the body they found is that of Alan, since According to what they told El Colombiano, a friend of the young man “swore” to them that she had spoken to him on September 27, four days after his disappearance.

“She says that he it showed him that he was in good spirits. But when he went to make a statement to the Police and asked them to check the Metro cameras, they didn't give him any 'balls'”, a relative of Alan's told the Antioquia newspaper. blockquote>

Now, the family of Alan Garzón Ramírez, while waiting n for the young man's ashes to be repatriated.