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You simply can't believe your eyes: what a burger looks and tastes like for almost 6 thousand dollars

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun23,2024


Burger is sold for almost 6 thousand dollars

The most expensive hamburger in the world is wrapped in gold and decorated with caviar. And it will cost you about 5,000 euros.

The most expensive dish on the menu of The Daltons restaurant in Voorthuizen, Gelderland, Netherlands, was introduced in 2021 by chef Robert Jan De Veen (Netherlands). This is reported in the Guinness Book of Records.

The price of the dish called “Golden Boy” is equivalent to 4,295 pounds or 5,967 US dollars. Such a high price is due to the fact that Robert used the highest quality ingredients to create it.

The idea came to him during the Covid-19 pandemic,when his restaurant was forced to close to visitors. Although people couldn't sit down to eat, they still served takeout, and one night when he was there to help train a new manager, he came across a Facebook post about the most expensive hamburger ever.

That the hamburger was expensive due to its large size, and Robert decided to challenge himself and make a standard-sized hamburger that could break the record. Creating a recipe from scratch, Robert sought to develop a burger that would be not only expensive, but also rich in taste.

The bun is made with Dom Pérignon champagne, lightly toasted but still soft on the inside, and covered in gold leaf. The burger itself is prepared from juicy Wagyu beef and is decorated with king crab and caviar.

This is what the most expensive burger in the world looks like: watch the video

It also includes onion rings dipped in champagne. Its taste is described as sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami,which means it has a pleasant spicy aroma.

He said of creating the burger: “There were a few challenges, I'm not going to lie. But the first big challenge was how do we make this burger taste amazing?”

I have mean it's easy to just take some very expensive ingredients and put them on a burger. But it was very important for me that the burger also tasted great.

He was keen to see how far they could go, how much they could put into it – while making sure the five flavors were in perfect harmony.

He added: 'The second big challenge was choosing the ingredients. .For example, some of the ingredients in the burger are not usually available in the Netherlands, but my suppliers helped me a lot”.

You can't believe what a $6,000 burger looks and tastes like

Robert says his friends, family and co-workers rallied around him, and the public response to the launch of the burger was great.

He used the burger not only to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a Guinness World Record holder, but also to to draw attention to the problem of poverty in the Netherlands.

The chef donated all €5,000 from the first Golden Boy burger sold to a local food bank. With this money, 1,000 food kits were made for families in need.

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