You season 3: the shooting of the series with Penn Badgley (Joe) should resume

You season 3: the shooting of the series with Penn Badgley (Joe) should resume

You season 3: the filming of the series with Penn Badgley (Joe) should resume

You season 3: filming should resume in November 2020 for a release not before 2021 The series with stalker Joe Goldberg is still very successful on Netflix. After 2 highly commented seasons on the networks, fans are impatiently awaiting the sequel. And while season 3 of You was formalized in January 2020, production has resumed and filming should resume before 2021.

A shoot until April 2021?

The You series has become one of the big phenomena of Netflix. And to the delight of fans, the show was renewed in January 2020 with the official announcement of season 3. After the confirmed return of You , Sera Gamble, the co-creator, revealed in February 2020 that the season 3 went into production. But with the coronavirus pandemic, all productions had been suspended. Except that's it, the shootings of series and films are resuming little by little. And according to a post by Daniel Richtman on Patreon, relayed by, production and shooting of You should resume in early November 2020.

The post also specifies that the shooting of season 3 of You should last until “end of April 2021” . Which means that the time of the assembly and the post-production, this new season will not be available on Netflix before the end of 2021. Anyway, this is what was already planned before the Covid-19, a broadcast for 2021 But beware, coronavirus requires, the shooting of season 3 of You should follow very strict restrictions.

A suite with several theories

Attention spoilers for the rare people who would not have seen the end of season 2 of the series! Fans had been able to witness a cliffhanger: Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) learned that Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) was not afraid to kill for him … and that she was pregnant. The parents-to-be then moved together in a suburb in California. The two actors will therefore be back in season 3.

And that's not all. Joe saw his neighbor through the fence. A visibly literary woman, writing in a diary and with a stack of books beside. Something to think about viewers who have several theories about this new character who should also return in season 3. Some think that she could be the mother of Joe, Sandy, who abandoned him when he was a child. Others however believe that it is Beck's mother (Elizabeth Lail), who came to avenge her daughter.

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