Yoel Feliz: from being jobless to being a champion

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  • Yoel Feliz: from being jobless to being a champion

    Yoel Feliz offering statements to journalist Marcos Nivar during his visit to LISTIN DIARIO about what he represented ; his first championship in district basketball. PHOTO: Raúl Asencio.

Much has been said about Víctor Liz, Miguel Dicent and Trahson Burrel as the main actors in the third title for the Bameso club in the District Basketball Tournament, but the figure of Yoel Feliz, its leader, was equally important for the earning this title.

The coach who worked for this title. He was a supporter of the San Carlos club for almost 20 years, he did not receive a prize. He had more opportunities to belong to the coaching staff of the San Carlos team, but fate had something better in store for him.

“That made me feel very bad, after being the champion in the development league, they take away my team, then they tell me I won't be there. When I was on the coaching staff, they let me know they didn't want me,” Feliz said.

His mother and wife were his advisers before he gave up altogether. to San Carlos, who advised him to continue with his professional career.

When he was released, he received Offers from the clubs San Lázaro, Huellas del Siglo and lastly Bameso, the sector where he was born, with whom he decided to join. He signed because they guaranteed him to work in the club's training categories.

His first steps in basketball as a player were in the Batallones de la Paz club, chaired by Henry Romero, who gave him to the San Carlos club prior to 1998, so that he could develop better as a player.      In 1999, Feliz participated in the He joined the San Carlos club in the first tournament in the youth category, quickly ascending to the pre-superior team and finally reaching the superior team in 2000. 

In 2003, as a player, he was part of the San Carlos champion team, which surpassed the competition. He hit Mauricio Báez and in the last game of the final series he had to lend his pants to a reinforcement, since he forgot. Happy did not play that party but celebrated the last title obtained from his formative club.

In 2005, Feliz decided to retire as a player due to injuries to his back and one of the ankles of him and immediately began & oacute; the path of him as a tactician.

He received The opportunity to be a manager of the B team of the San Carlos club in the intermediate category. And in a crucial matchup against the club's own A-team, they were easily dominating their rival, until they decided to let their guard down so that it was the A-team that crossed to the next round.   In the end, San Carlos A was crowned the tournament champion.     Life is about results. Starting off on the right foot opened his career. the road to “La Pipa” to build a career destined for success.

But not everything is rosy. On the contrary, the profession has as many thorns as flowers.

The economic remuneration sometimes does not correspond to the work carried out by the leaders in favor of the young.

For Miderec, Feliz earns a subsidy for the youth. n of 11,000 pesos a month, but affirms that it is not enough for all that they contribute in the neighborhoods.

“The coaches spend 6 hours a day on the courts, we give our souls, I have given jackets, tennis shoes, a lot of clothes for my players looking for them to stay in the sport, I do all this for love, because if it were for money I was doing something else a while ago”.

For the manager, the greatest satisfaction that exists from this job is to see how his players go on the road within society.

“The Pipe” He recounts that in 2009, when the San Carlos club closed, together with coach Manuel Pimentel, they gave practices to their boys on the Chicot field, located behind the Chamber of Accounts, but unfortunately, many deviated

“While the club was closed, it was a strong battle for the neighborhood, many young athletes lost their lives, others went to prison , but thank God, even today many are graduates and basketball professionals”.

Erickson Sánchez, Kevin Pérez, Michael Almánzar, Esteban Puello, Willy Arias are some of the loudest names in the San Carlos club, who were forged by Feliz. Some younger ones are also added to the list, such as Josué Grullon, Josué Sálazar and Isaac Tapia.      Faithful Believer    In his work plan, God is there. In the first place, and for this reason, before starting the district tournament with Bameso, he had a special dialogue with the creator through prayer, a mechanism he uses before embarking on his projects.    “I am very devoted to God, and I have the order to kneel before him to ask him and my players must do it too. Before this tournament, I told him that I didn't want to be the manager of the year, to give me the championship,” said Feliz.      When he became a free agent for the district tournament, he received an award. Offers from the San Lázaro, Huellas del Siglo and Bameso clubs. His mother and his wife were his advisers before he completely abandoned San Carlos, who advised him to continue his professional career.     In 2021 he was champion of the National Development League with the Areperos de San Carlos and he was also elected manager of the year in the National Basketball League.   Good projection    Rafael Uribe, president of the Dominican Basketball Federation, considered Yoel Feliz, as a future member of the coaching staff of the National Basketball Team.     “Énbsp;he has a projection to be in the National Team, his players respect him,” said Uribe in the  fourth game of the district basketball final series between Bameso and Mauricio Báez.      Happy, he indicated. So that assessment moved him. Quite a lot and that his great dream is one day to be the manager of the national basketball team.     The outstanding coach Julio César Javier, who faced a Feliz in the final of the TBS District was another of those who valued the performance. He positively appreciated Feliz's work, considering him one of the best of the new generation of coaches in the country.      Currently “La Pipa”, he directs the Ciro Pérez club in the superior basketball of San Cristóbal and for the next year he will be in the top basketball team. in charge of the Domingo Paulino club in the superior tournament of Santiago.   

Their statements were offered in the Actualidad Deportiva space of Listín Diario.


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