Yina Calderón warmed up the networks with a sensual photograph in pajamas and without any underwear

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The businesswoman left nothing to the imagination of her followers with the attributes they left her in her most recent aesthetic intervention

Yina Calderón warmed up the networks with sensual photography in pajamas and without any underwear

Yina Calderón, Colombian businesswoman and DJ, awakened the base instincts of his followers with sensual and daring photography. Photo: Instagram @oficialdjyinacalderon

Despite the fact that Yina Calderón has gone through different aesthetic procedures that have left different marks on her body, due to the poor care she has received despite her doctors' recommendations, this has not been a problem for the content creator, who she has no taboo when it comes to showing her results with the different outfits she wears.

The most recent, when she was seen on the streets of one of the tolerance zones of the capital country, with little skirts, fishnet stockings and a plunging neckline, like a sex worker. The clip called How the cold burns was an adaptation of José Luis Carrascal's vallenato.

However, this was not the last appearance that the businesswoman in shapewear had, because through her InstaStories, the woman born in Huila, published a photograph in the who posed with sensual pajamas in light tones. But what caught the attention of Internet users was the expression of freedom she had when making the publication, since she revealed that she had no underwear under her.

Yina Calderón warmed up the networks with a sensual photo in pajamas and without any underwear

Photo: Instagram screenshot

The photograph shows Yina Calderón in front of the camera, biting one of her fingers with an expression of sensuality on her face, with her blouse raised to a height where the base of her breasts can be seen and where the flattened shape can be seen. abdomen. Up to this point, nothing extraordinary for Internet users who usually follow the also DJ.

As mentioned, she revealed a good part of her abdomen with a tattoo that covers the lower part high and medium length of this area of ​​the body. Additionally, the shorts of the garment go up to the top of their hips, something very daring, since it shows that the garments have been pulled to such an extent that their attributes are exposed, leaving little to the imagination.

The article of clothing that bears the image of the Powerpuff Girls, a well-known animated short, loses all kinds of tenderness on the body of Yina Calderón, that with this type of photography she managed to awaken the lowest instincts of the men who follow her and why not, that some women also felt attracted to her sensuality.

Next, the photo of Yina Calderón that sparked all kinds of comments for her daring scantily clad appearance:

Yina Calderón warmed up the nets with sensual photography in pajamas and without any underwear

Yina Calderón left nothing to the imagination and posed in pajamas and without underwear. Taken from Instagram

What does your father think of his most recent musical success

Last Thursday, November 10, he released a version in guaracha of the song 'How the cold hurts', a classic from vallenato which is originally performed in the voice of José Luis Carrascal. The cover has meant all kinds of criticism for the businesswoman, but recently her followers wanted to know what her father's opinion was about it.

In this regard , Leonel Calderón responded: “I think it's an act… some say bad things and others good, but that's a job”. Later, he also realized that he liked the video clip “a lot”. But her followers did not forgive anything and affirmed that her father said this because he was in a high state of alcoholism.

However, in the face of criticism, the businesswoman assured that her father had not for many years he takes, since he suffers from diabetes and is insulin dependent.