Yina Calderón responded to new criticism for her new music video: “How long have you not made love?”

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The businesswoman and DJ released a guaracha version of the vallenato 'How the cold hurts', which has received all kinds of comments; After a criticism on an important television program, the now also interpreter decided to “pronounce” about it

Yina Calderón responded to new criticism for her new music video: “How long have you not made love?”

Yina Calderón, Colombian businesswoman and influencer. Photo: Instagram @yinacalderonoficialdj

Yina Calderón, beyond exploring facets as an influencer and businesswoman, she has also wanted to make her way in music, specifically as a guaracha DJ. In this sense, on November 10 he released the version in guaracha that he made of 'Cómo duele el frío', a well-remembered vallenato composed by Wilfran Castillo and Richard Viloria and originally performed by José Luis Carrascal.

Both his cover and the music video he made for it have generated a controversy that does not stop; both for the variety of comments that can be read on social networks and for the opinions that some entertainment journalists have had. For example, during this weekend in the program La Red -of Caracol Televisión- the woman from Huila was interviewed about her version of the mentioned topic.

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However, the presenters of this production are used to giving their opinion on the news they report or the interviews they conduct. In this case, Frank Solano commented on Calderón: “What need do they have to take such a beautiful song? and make it like their lives? What need do they have to take a poem and make it look like your bad figure?, like your buttock, operated on, inflated and deflated…”, among other things.

These words expressed by Solano did not go down well with the 'Ex-protagonist of Our Tele', who from her Instagram Stories wanted to give an answer. That's how he started by saying: “We're going to talk about what you're sending me (He put a screenshot of his interview on La Red) about how La Red talked about my song… and how one of the presenters addressed to me in a way, she said it was disfigured, out of place, she spoke in a very derogatory way.”

Yina Calderón continues to respond to criticism for her new music video

Subsequently, he stressed that Solano has the right to express his opinion on his subject as he sees fit, but not on his figure and medical condition.

“I do not understand what is happening with Mr. Frank Solano, journalist , graduated, with a master's degree… what happened? … if he wants to say that (the song) is a dishonor, humiliation, shit * pa ’el vallenato, let him say it because everyone has the right to give the point of view they want… What seems surprising to me is that this gentleman starts talking about a woman in this way. One is my medical and personal life, another is my song. She told me deflated, uneven, a foreign body, everything.”

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It is worth remembering that Yina Calderón has undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries, several of them in her desire to look like a barbie doll, but also to remove the biopolymers from her buttocks, in addition to the interventions she has had to rebuild them. Later in her response to Solano, the DJ wanted to make a suggestion: have sex to take away the bitterness.

“The problem is how you are addressing a woman on national television Baby, what's going on? How long has it been since you made love? What you need is for a man to eat you well, well because what impresses me the most, apart from the fact that you speak that way about my physical state and health, is that you are from the community gay, I love you, talk like that about a woman… I'm not going to get involved with you because I respect very old people, but I am going to suggest a very good culiad* so that the bitterness is removed and stop talking and denigrating a woman like that”.

It goes without saying that the video for 'How the cold hurts', the version of the businesswoman from Huila, goes to the today for more than a million views on YouTube.