Yina Calderón attacked actresses and presenters who criticized her new guaracha song and described them as “maintained”

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After the controversy generated by the influencer's musical premiere, she reacted airily against some celebrities who, according to her, have no merit of their own and “ They are maintained by millionaires”

Yina Calderón attacked actresses and presenters who criticized her new guaracha song and described them as “maintained”

Photo: Instagram @fajasyinacalderonoficial

As usual, Yina Calderón has been the subject of discussion in recent days and, this time, on behalf of her most recent musical premiere, with which he presented guaracha lovers with a new version of 'How the cold hurts', a classic of the vallenato genre.

The issue divided opinions between followers and detractors of the influential controversy, as there are those who consider that it was a total mistake, while others say that they have it “stuck”.

Similarly, the The debate among the Internet community focused on the music video that accompanied this song, taking into account that it was recorded in a tolerance zone in Bogotá and featured two other Calderón sisters.< /p> Yina Claderón released a new song

Yina Calderón received so much criticism that, in recent hours, she exploded against all those who made negative comments about her work, although she focused, above all, on women from the Colombian show business.< /p>

“There I am seeing one or another actress and presenter, whom I do not name because I do not want to make them popular, frustrated —because we influencers are not to blame for earning and generating more— labeling me and telling me to respect folklore and vallenato, criticizing even the cul * of my sisters. I am going to say something to them: thanks to my work, to who I am and to the fact that I have not had to mess with any millionaire, nor with a famous businessman to keep me, I have all this, “he said, before showing his 32 hectare farm.

Subsequently, the former participant of “Protagonistas de nuestra tele” withdrew her position that various television figures in Colombia “marry millionaires to support them.” Reason for which she thought that, for her, these people do not have “merits” to criticize her.

“My dad asked me: 'Who were standing there showing themselves as they are and accepting the criticism that was going to come?', and I replied that my sisters, therefore I only care what they say, my parents, my partner and my followers, because they are the ones who make me swallow (…) And note that I am not referring to all the presenters, I am talking about those whom you have already seen upload those stories, those slugs that are just beginning to present; I am not referring to women with a long history with whom we grew up, such as Laura Acuña, Andrea Serna, Margarita Rosa de Francisco or Carolina Cruz, because they are doing their thing,” she concluded. .

It is important to mention that the questions about this new guaracha by Yina Calderón not only came from the aforementioned people, but also from José Luis Carrascal, author of 'How the cold hurts'.< /p>

The singer-songwriter's reaction arose as a result of a comment made by a follower of his, who assures that he and other fans of the vallenato genre would be looking for Carrascal to ask Calderón to eliminate his version of 'Cómo the cold hurts' from digital platforms.

“Dear Lord, we vallenateros are asking you to tell Yina to delete that video because it is a great offense. I can't erase from my eyes, much less from my ears, that guaracha. Also, that video makes women look bad. Let him do it with another kind of music, but not yours! What a horror!” wrote the fan, to which José Luis replied: “The truth is that they are absolutely right because it is a very strong topic, they are doing a lot of damage to folklore.”