Yermak told about the fate of some fighters from Azovstal

Yermak told about the fate of some fighters from Azovstal

Yermak announced the fate of some fighters from Azovstal

Ukrainian defenders of Azovstal captured by Russian invaders are alive, but it is not yet known in what conditions they are kept.

“It is not an easy question, we are working on it. Today this is the main task, including the power steering. We know they are alive. As for the conditions, this issue is also monitored. To say clearly under what conditions, we can not yet. But we know for sure that they are alive. The GUR constantly keeps this under control, with some of them there is a connection, and the process of their release does not stop even for an hour. I really hope that it will enter its active phase, and we will begin to return our heroes to Ukraine. I know for sure that the task at the first stage was to save the lives of our heroes. The GUR completed this task, – Andrey Yermak said in an interview with LB.

Yermak added that the GUR is engaged in the second stage – return of Ukrainian defenders to the controlled territory of Ukraine. As for the dead military, the process of returning the bodies of our dead heroes has already begun.

“Today, there are already more than 200. An examination is being carried out, and this is also very important so that relatives and families can receive and bury the dead.” ;, – he summed up.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich