Yellow-blue ice cream “Glory to Ukraine” appeared in Latvia

Yellow-blue ice cream “Glory to Ukraine” appeared in Latvia

The Latvian company Food Union has produced a special ice cream dedicated to Ukraine.

В Yellow-blue ice cream

As Economic News reports with reference to Postimees, the combination of yellow and blue colors is symbolically used in the ice cream, and the recipe is based on natural ingredients.

The flavor of saffron was used for the yellow, and the flavor of elderberry and cornflower was used for the blue. The ice cream was given the name “Glory to Ukraine.”

“This ice cream is a tribute to courage and love of freedom of the Ukrainian people, but more importantly, it is a reminder to everyone in Latvia that a terrible war is still going on in Ukraine, so we must continue to help its people. Especially after the first wave of support has passed,” said Irena Kholodna, General Director of Food Union in Latvia.

They report that the development of ice cream dedicated to Ukraine has become an emotionally important event for our team. “This allowed all participants in the development process to feel their involvement and support the Ukrainians because we are best at developing and producing delicious and high-quality products,” the company says.

Moreover, Food Union already has experience creation of ice cream in the colors of the flags – in 2018, ice cream was created there in the colors of the national flags of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania in honor of the centenary of independence of these countries.