Yeison Jiménez referred to the shooting that occurred in the middle of his concert in Arauca: “I invite you to tolerance”

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This festive bridge the popular singer was forced to end his show early due to a fight between two attendees that ended in an exchange of shots; however, he assured that he will return to the next fairs

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Yeison Jiménez referred to the shooting that occurred in the middle of his concert in Arauca: “I invite you to tolerance”

Photo: Instagram @yeison_jimenez

The Colombian popular artist Yeison Jiménez experienced moments of fear, after his most recent concert in Saravena , Arauca, the singer will be left in the middle of a shootout. The events occurred, according to several attendees on social networks, they occurred around 4:00 a.m. m., when the man from Manzanares was on stage.

Jiménez was appearing in that place because, due to the weekend long weekend, the fairs and festivals were taking place in Saravena and he was the central show of the event. While he carried out the presentation of him interpreting songs like “My revenge”, “Adventurer”, “De pure rage”, among others, the artist walked around the stage and greeted his fans.

However, at one point, sounds of various detonations drew the attention of the attendees and the singer's security team. Although Jiménez continued to sing, in the recordings that appeared on social networks hours later, it can be seen that those who work with him begin to arrive at his side and that the artist also begins to look at what is happening while he continues with their song.

What those who were there and shared the moment on their profiles say is that it was all due to a fight between two concertgoers, who in the middle of the drinks thought they would solve everything by drawing their firearms.

See here the moment in which a shooting stops the Yeison Jiménez concert in Aracua:

In the middle of his presentation at the fairs over the holiday weekend in Saravena, Arauca, the artist Yeison Jiménez had to protect himself from an exchange of bullets

At one point, as the exchange of bullets did not stop, the security team stopped the singer and made him crouch on the stage, protecting him from any of the bullets hitting him. At that moment, the music stopped and Yeison Jiménez only told the audience “let's calm down my people”.

As The problem between the attendees did not stop, the artist made signs to his musicians, implying that the show was ending, “Thank you very much, Saravena. God bless you all”, concluded the artist with a disappointed face. In the comments of the videos it is indicated that “the show was damaged”, but several applaud that the artist has decided to leave the site “he who avoids is not a coward”, “it is better that they say he flew from here and did not die here”, “I'm surprised that's Arauca”.

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Concert attendees say that the shots came from two boxes, after two people fought, but local media have indicated that they were incidents isolated from the concert. Videos also show that at least one person was injured on the site.

For his part, the artist appeared in a video hours later commenting on what happened in his presentation. “Greetings to all my family in Saravena, Arauca, I am Yeison Jiménez, I send you a hug”. These were the words of the popular artist after the shooting that forced him to end his presentation:

The popular singer spoke about the moment of fear he experienced in the middle of a presentation in Saravena, Arauca

Too bad last night for the inconvenience of this fight, but as always I had a delicious time. God bless you and may you continue to enjoy your fairs and festivals”. The artist also referred to the rumors that started after this news broke that the artist had announced that he would not perform in that city again, but he pointed out that this is not true and that the other will surely return year.

“As I told you last night, it is with me, see you next year, God willing, to continue singing. I love you with all my heart, I will return to Saravena with great joy. Thanks to the people who went to the concert and who enjoyed it, remember that I am Yeison Jiménez, with my heart and I always invite you to be tolerant, no problems”, concluded the singer.