Yandex has defined the border of benefits between a personal car, car sharing and a taxi

Yandex has defined the border of benefits between a personal car, car sharing and a taxi

Many people cannot properly prioritize and decide whether they should own a private car, use car sharing or take a taxi. Yandex has defined the line of benefits between these areas.

Yandex has defined the border of benefits between a personal car, car sharing and a taxi

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Experts noted that owning a private car is beneficial when traveling on long journeys. If a person uses a car for a short time, its cost is not justified. Taking into account the costs, the specialists first of all calculated the depreciation, at which the price of the vehicle falls every month. This share is 53% of regular expenses. Having bought a car, it needs to be regularly operated so that it would be of significant benefit, depreciating due to age. Compulsory auto insurance is in second place in terms of expenses (22%), and only the third item of expenses was fuel. Refueling takes 13%. It is noted that this list did not include spending on repairs, changing tires, paying for parking spaces and likely fines. Calculating the possible losses, the experts cited the example of the Mercedes-Benz G-class AMG. At a cost of 17.4 million rubles, its monthly maintenance can reach the amount of 375 thousand rubles. For the owners of the domestic model Lada Granta, this figure will not exceed 13 thousand.

The cheapest option is a taxi. There are many companies now, and therefore there is always an offer. The main benefit is autonomy. If a passenger is stuck in a traffic jam, he can leave the cabin and reach his destination using the metro. In the event of an accident, he also does not need to worry about what happened, but there are also inconveniences. For example, you can never be completely sure about the technical condition of a car. Another point is the character of the taxi driver. Often they have to pay extra for the transportation of bulky goods. Not everyone has child seats, and if they are available, there is no certainty that they will fit the baby.

Car sharing in Russia is developing rapidly, but renting a car is not yet cheap. According to general calculations, the vehicle will cost from 100 thousand rubles per year. This service has obvious advantages, including the ability to choose any model or ready-made parking, but there are also disadvantages. The renters do not treat the car as their property. They do not care about its technical condition and do not properly maintain it, allowing excessive pollution.

As a result, Yandex experts note that if a person rolls about 20 thousand kilometers a year, it is more profitable for him to buy a private car. It can be sold later without losing much. In other cases, it is better to turn to rental services and taxis, but you have to accept the level of comfort.

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