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YAKTAK presented a new track “10 floors”: a story of love and life trials

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar17,2024

YAKTAK presented new track "10 floors": a story of love and life trials< /p> YAKTAK amused with the clip for the song “10 floors”/frame from the clip

Ukrainian musician YAKTAK released a new song called “10 floors”. It became a reflection of simple but deep moments of life, full of love and hope.

The track “10 floors” tells the story of a neighbor from the upper floors, with whom the artist was in love. In the song, YAKTAK shares his personal memories of the moments of waiting under the window of his beloved and the romantic moments that happened. Listen to it together with Radio MAXIMUM!

This track is about our life. In it, I wanted to convey simple, everyday things: neighbors from the upper floors, moments when I waited for her under the window and did a “concert under the balcony”. Sometimes it happens that problems overwhelm us, sometimes there are ups and downs, but we just have to move forward together, no matter what. I hope that this track will inspire some of you to do something good and romantic for your loved one and just appreciate these moments,
– said the artist.

YAKTAK – 10 floors, watch the music video for the new song from the musician

The melody “10 floors” carries the atmosphere of everyday moments that make up our lives. The song is characterized by the absence of pathos and artificiality, conveying only sincere emotions and inspiration.

However, “10 floors” also reminds us that life consists not only of joyful moments, but also of trials and difficulties. The artist urges not to give up in the face of adversity, but to move forward, holding the hand of a loved one.

This song has become another expression of the creative work of YAKTAK, who has already won the hearts of listeners with his previous works. “10 floors” impresses with its simplicity and at the same time the depth of feelings, conveying hope and faith in a better future to listeners.

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