Xiaomi presents the Mi 10t series: 5G from 279 euros and 108 megapixels from 499

Xiaomi presents the Mi 10t series: 5G from 279 euros and 108 megapixels from 499

The company moves away from the barrier of 1,000 euros and once again offers quality terminals whose main argument is its price

Xiaomi presents the Mi 10t series: 5G from 279 euros and 108 megapixels from 499

Xiaomi has presented its Mi10t range, a new blow on the table in the market for affordable phones. The firm aspires to compete with the flagships of its rivals with very adjusted prices. They will go on pre-sale on October 1 in Xiaomi stores from 499 euros , except for the Mi 10t Lite, which can be purchased from October 20 from 279 euros.

The price range is wide and so are the differences between devices. However, it is interesting that the brand returns to a range in which it has traditionally been much more comfortable and has had much more to offer after a walk around 1,000 euros with the almost namesake Mi 10 (799 in the case of the affordable version of this tour).

Thus, the Mi 10t is a similar version in terms of design, with an even larger frame to house an even larger camera (108 megapixels in the Pro version, 64 in the normal version), two other lenses, an environmental sensor and the flash . We entered the pool area. Xiaomi Mi 10t Lite, for its part, goes on its own with four cameras that square a circle much less pleasant to the eye.

By price, the Mi10t ranges from the low range (the two versions of the Mi 10t Lite cost 279 and 329 euros) to the upper average (my 10t starts at 499 and the Pro version, at 599); By components and characteristics it could be placed without problems in the discharge.

In this way, there is a lineup made up of three phones ( Mi 10t Pro, Mi 10t and Mi 10t Lite ), each of them with two available models in which the storage capacity or RAM changes.

Mi 10t Pro starts at 599 euros (8 GB and 128 GB) and has a Snapdragon 865, the aforementioned 108 megapixel camera, 5G (this feature is common to all phones), 5,000 mAh battery and 33 fast charge W (from 0 to 100 in an hour; a surprising figure when we do not talk about acceleration) and a 6.67-inch screen with 144 hz of screen refreshment. The 649 euro version doubles the storage.

Xiaomi presents the Mi 10t series: 5G from 279 euros and 108 megapixels from 499

Xiaomi Mi 10t is available in two configurations: 6 + 128 (499 euros) and 8 + 128 (549 euros). It also incorporates Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865, it has the same refreshment and screen size and an identical battery, but it changes the main sensor for a 64-megapixel one.

The Mi 10t Lite, for its part, belongs to the series but goes on its own, in design, performance and price. It is available for 279 (6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage) or for 329 euros (6 and 128), with four cameras (the main one is 64 megapixels), 120 Hz refresh of a screen of the same 6.67 inches, Snapdragon 750G and 4,820 mAh battery with 33W fast charge (the charger, by the way, is built-in).

The phones arrive accompanied by Mi Watch, a new smartwatch with a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen and autonomy of – according to Xiaomi- 16 days of use and the possibility of customizing the dials. It is capable of measuring the level of oxygen in the blood, the heart rate or the quality of sleep, among other options. It will start at 99 euros, although at the moment it has no official launch date.

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